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  1. I guess my first post wasn't very clear. I know for a fact RR is scanning, blocking, and discarding outgoing spam. I went through a troubleshooting procedure with SC and RR a while back. RR acknowledged they were doing this in an email which I posted. Because of this I then started reporting my SPAMs to SC by using my domains smtp server. As I stated - it requires port 26 for outbound. When I try to send the probe from mailhosts to my domain it returns "Sorry, all tests failed. We cannot deliver mail to the address you provided: spamreporter[at]bxxxxxxxxs.com. Double check the address provided or try again later. Your mailhost appears to be offline. Detailed errors: Connecting to bxxxxxxxxs.com.: smtpSend:smtpEnvelope (service[at]admin.spamcop.net, spamreporter[at]bxxxxxxxxs.com): smtpTo rcpt to:spamreporter[at]bxxxxxxxxs.com (451 Temporary local problem - please try later ) Sometimes, mailservers are temporarilly unavailable. If you believe you have entered your email address and other details correctly, you might just wait a few minutes (or 24 hours) and try again. " The mail is working normally, but I have gotten this response for 4 days now. I just wanted to add the mailhost as I will start sending spam received at my domain address soon so I thought it should be added.
  2. I recently started reporting through my domain mail server. Roadrunner recently changed mail systems and now all my outbound reports get dropped by RR as spam. The problem comes in when I try to add a new mailhost. The probe never goes through and returns a "mail system is down" error. I am sure this is caused by my domain host using port 26 with login requirements on the smtp server. Is there any way to get my mailhosts configured for my domain when it uses a non standard port and requires a login name/password?
  3. Well I emailed RR security and asked them about blocking mail to SC. I was in contact with a person who actually was knowledgeable and informative. After giving him some specific times and dates for emails being blocked he tracked them down in the logs and found that yes they were found to contain spam and were discarded. RR is scanning both incoming and outgoing emails for spam. Incoming you can use a webmail interface and stop the inbound filtering or control the degree of filtering. Outgoing however has no such control. They do acknowledge that they are just discarding outgoing spam mails as the system has no other option at this time. I will post a sanitized version of their response below. Hello, xxx. I got the answer to you problem here; I'm not sure how you'll respond, but please read this in its entirety... As you may be aware, xxx.rr.com users were migrated to a new mail system last week. Unlike the old mail system you had been hosted on, this new system has, in addition to our block lists, filtering of email based on spam-like characteristics in the body. This filtering is occurring on both inbound and outbound mail. Inbound mail identified as spam by this filtering software is placed into the customer's spam Folder; this folder is accessible only through webmail (https://webmail.xxx.rr.com/). Our webmail product in this new system also offers a 'Report spam' button. For outbound mail, obviously we cannot tag a message deemed to be spam by our own systems and send it along to the destination; doing so would cause us to be viewed in a bad light by the rest of the Internet. While the optimal configuration for outbound spam filtering is to identify the message as spam during the SMTP transaction between the client and our server, and to reject the message before the transaction completes, our server technology at this time does not allow for such configuration. Therefore, we are discarding messages identified as spam on our outbound servers. Your particular message to SpamCop was identified as spam and discarded; timestamps here are GMT: Removed Header info: The choice to do this (identify and discard) was not made lightly, but the alternative of allowing spam out through our servers was not acceptable; in fact, we learned early on with this new system the pain of delays and outright rejections of outbound mail from the new system due to a lack of spam control. Cutting down the flow of spam through our servers by discarding messges deemed to be spam was the best approach available to us at the time in order to give our customers the best chance of having their outbound mail accepted and delivered. If you're wondering why this message ever made it to your Inbox (i.e., why didn't the spam filtering catch it inbound, since it knew about it outbound) I cannot answer that question. My suspicion is that, given the timing of things, it was delivered initially to you Inbox on the old system, migrated with the rest of your mailbox contents to the new system, and then you tried to send it out through the new system; the headers of the particular message will confirm or deny my suspicions. We're still in the early stages of deployment of this mail system, and we recognize that today's configuration is not likely to be the final configuration; tweaks to our anti-spam software are going to be necessary, and we'll work hard to figure out what the right tweaks are. I hope this answers your question, but feel free to ask any follow-on questions you may have. Maybe SC might give RR a hand. I asked them to look into allowing SC to be unfiltered but to limit emails by number and time if possible, but have not heard back from them. Anyway, just some info should you find your emails to SC disappearing.
  4. Well after several emails with RR support they have bounced the problem back to SC. "Thank you for your reply. This problem would indicate that the message to Spamcop is being rejected by the spamcop.net server rather than Road Runner. They are possibly rejecting the IP address you are sending from, which is included in a block list of a range of IP addresses." I have replied to them again that since I get no reject notice from the server that this is unlikely, but I'll bet this will be a stonewall with them now.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply and info. Rough day and hadn't even gotten around to trying the simple things like using a different outgoing server. Well I went through most of the steps. I changed my smtp server and reported through gmail and now I get the unreported flag and a reply email to my RR account. Of course this pretty much means RR is blocking the outgoing emails. I have emailed the national RR email Help Desk with all the information and asked them to unblock outgoing SC emails. They might get to it in a year or two. I have not had any luck dealing with RR admins. I hope they do fix it, but I am not going to hold my breath.
  6. I may have this issue. I report a lot of spam to SpamCop using SPAMsource. All has been working fine for months. Then a few days ago I report and nothing comes back. What is really strange is I never get the unreported spam flag on the SpamCop page. It's like the emails just go to nowhere. I have deleted and reconfigured all my mailhosts. I have "fuel" in my account. My emails to other addresses and using Outlook test work just fine. Like I said everything has been working fine until a few days ago. Any ideas on how to see if my emails are getting through. I have been going back to the old single report manual cut and paste method on the reporting page for a few days now. I do this after I do not get a response back. Any help would be appreciated
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