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  1. Sorry I didn't see this before and wrote my own report at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/topic/16633-multipart-parsing/ . It seems to me that (as noted here already) Spamcop fails parsing URLs if Multipart is involved. To test this I removed the multipart header lines and the corresponding part in the body and Spamcop successfully found the URL then. Thus it not seems to be an issue with conservative parsing to prevent wrong results to me but a bug. And that's quite new. It worked well until past month or so before.
  2. It seems that Spamcop fails parsing URLs in Multipart spam. Since about a week or so if there is Multipart declared in the headers and the text/html with some URLs in the body Spamcop fails to see the URLs. Is there a problem?
  3. This post is quite old (10 years), but due to the recent Google redirectors I would like to pick it up again, because I couldn't find a (satisfying) answer. Why doesn't Spamcop when parsing URLs in spam follow them and pull out URLs following. A spam today had the URL goo.gl/GqxowX and I parsed it manually (wget) and get Resolving goo.gl (goo.gl)...,,, ... Connecting to goo.gl (goo.gl)||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently Location: http://armadaglobalinc.com/fl/?coment/piso...itamadeira.html [following] --2014-03-09 11:28:08-- http://armadaglobalinc.com/fl/?coment/piso...itamadeira.html Resolving armadaglobalinc.com (armadaglobalinc.com)... Connecting to armadaglobalinc.com (armadaglobalinc.com)||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently Location: http://thegenericsrx.eu/?fl/ [following] --2014-03-09 11:28:20-- http://thegenericsrx.eu/?fl/ Resolving thegenericsrx.eu (thegenericsrx.eu)... We have 2 targets. The latter is the spammer itself or a spammer friendly ISP though. armadaglobalinc.com ( is Godaddy. Often those URLs are compromised sites under control of "good" ISP or web site hosters. Umm, not sure if they quality as "good", but I often see Bluehost, Godaddy and such. Because of Spamcop not following redirects (forwarders) I tend to manually report them. Sholdn't be hard to implement? Or does it cause a too high load on Spamcop's systems if it would do it? Wouold IMO be nice to have this feature.
  4. I cannot see this is in discssion here recenntly, so I post. I'm getting messages like Please wait - subscribe to remove this delay (or click reload if this page does not refresh automatically in 1366 seconds.) since today. Frequent refreshes of the page let's me report earlier. Is it just me?
  5. More, checking that the owner clicks the link. Well... All right then. It was later explained Spamcop merely does a DNS lookup. Then I see no problem there anymore. Thanks all.
  6. Okay, sorry for that. Spamcop has nothing to do with my test orders. I used it as example what happens when a verification link in spam gets clicked. Even without placing orders you get more spam. I assume the spammer has a database. The subdomain part is assigned to the email address the spam got sent. So clicking (even "wget --spider", what Spamcop probably does in some way when checking whom an URL belongs to) the link tells the spammer who clicked it. You might probably recall the old method. who_ever.com]http://www.spammer.tld?email=what_ever[at]who_ever.com That is to obvious and Spamcop replaces the email address by an "x". What I reported here seems to be another method of link verification. And I fear that Spamcop here, not replacing the subdomain by something, confirms the link was clicked when the spam gets parsed.
  7. Despite dra007 says they have botnets, which is true of course, I know that if you place an order (I did several tests with newly created email addresses of mine and placed test orders on pill or Rolex spammers, to see what happens) that all spammer bomb you with even more spam. The (fake) name given in the form is used often in the subject line ("Dear Clint Eastwood", they don't really check if it could be real or not :-). Or you get a reminder to refill, with a listing of your (failed, of course) test order you placed before. You are a "valuable" customer then. I assume those unique subdomains tell the spammer who is interested and send him more (possibly even different that others receive) spam. What reason would those unique subdomains, and now also this session-ID like thing they put behind the URL, otherwise have? If an URL is black listed - for evaluating if a mail is spam or not - it doesn't matter for my knowledge if this URL has unique parts before or after and gets recognized anyway.
  8. I can't see this was discussed before. "The Canadian Pharmacy" is since a few days (and with additional measurements since today) using (very likely) unique subdomains. Here is one of a recent spam (click it if you want, I already reported via Spamcop) http://05098.whichhot. com/ (remove the space) Every spam I receive has a different subdomain (is I guess how you call those). Since today they also add a unique sort of session ID at the end. I fear (and it seems it is true since after I started reporting spam from this spammer increased massively) that Spamcop is confirming that the mail was read and the link was clicked to the spammer. As in the reports I can see the full domain, not altered. It's so also send to the (bullet proof) hoster in China of the spammer (Chinatietong and other fu**ers).
  9. Whos mistake is this line? If Spamfence's one (may be me?) should tell them to fix that. But if it's technically okay (Spamfence figured this out correctly), the spammer might know that with that goofy format it can trick reporting services. And Spamcop should IMO change something to detect it.
  10. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2665725276z0...c4eb5e0b0200b4z (which I didn't sent then) Spamfence is added to my mailhosts since months. And is in my list as I just verified. Spamcop admins might want to have a look (permission granted herby :-) into my accounts what could be wrong.
  11. I'm not sure if this was discussed before, didn't quite know what to search for. I got this header line, amongs others I ommited. My addy is at spamfence.net, so we can trust this line. Received: from (from=<ezarjs[at]hexz.org>;helo=hexz.org) by eXpurgate V2.1.1.1, id=expurgator37/090302145317-5EB138E0-F07C2428 for <$my_addy[at]spamfence.net>; Mon, 02 Mar 2009 14:53:17 +0100 Spamcop failes here. It works if I manually remove the "/32:9985". Btw. spamfence (eXpuregate) also fails detecting this spam with Chinese characters too.
  12. Little older article here. But there is this new Social Network spammer at FanBridge dot com. I get about 3 spams a day, trying to complain via Spamcop results in == Tracking message source: Routing details for [refresh/show] Cached whois for : abuse[at]softlayer.com Using abuse net on abuse[at]softlayer.com abuse net softlayer.com = postmaster[at]softlayer.com, abuse[at]softlayer.com Using best contacts postmaster[at]softlayer.com abuse[at]softlayer.com ISP has indicated spam will cease; ISP resolved this issue sometime after Sat 12 Jul 2008 02:09:40 PM EDT -0400 Message is 0 hours old == So the spam is from today (13th) and Softlayer is not larted because he "indicated" something. And the previous days the same happened, decrease day by one for the Spamcop message "ISP has indicated spam will cease...". And I bet it will continue tomorrow and so on. Since Fanbridge seems to be a fairly big spammer and need to spam, and Softlayer appears in reports often too, Softlayer is lying and Spamcop obeys. That sucks. Spamcop should have a database, and if there come further complaints for an ISP which "indicated spam will cease" notes of this ISP should be ignored and complaints be filed to get them listed. Or do I get something wrong?
  13. Well it's not Sunday. But having time checking, no changes. On 404 links Spamcop still sometimes wants to create reports, while on 200 links in spam it sometimes doesn't want. Sometimes does though. It looks like pure random to me when complaints are filed, not matter what the link returns (2xx or 4xx).
  14. Would be interesting to know how long the caches last. It's now two days that none of the Geocities links would lead to a spammer page. All pill spammer gave up and now, as predicted (wasn't hard to predict, eh? ) they abuse Google's Blogspot instead. Still one OEM spammer tries it with Geocities. I assume the spammer does not test if the Geocities account is still available when sending the spam, so all four links in spam of OEM spammers from today are dead. But in one of the four cases Spamcop created a report, so I unchecked to box. I have an eye on this. Assuming, all Geocities links are dead by default, Spamcop's cache lasts too long if this is the problem for creating reports for 404 pages. I will post on Sunday here again if Spamcop still creates reports of 404 links by then. NB: I gave up sending reports to Google (yes, I read the thread about Blogspot), they seems to be just ignorant and no matter how many complaints you send, Google doesn't care. Thumbs up for Yahoo/Geocities though. It works, showing spammers abusing their service will not work for them.
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