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    Obfuscating my e-mail address

    I am in a bind. If I obfuscate my e-mail address in spam that I receive before I report to SpamCop, SpamCop refuses to accept it; if I don't then the spammer contacts me directly. This has happened again today. Please don't tell me that SpamCop hides my address or obfuscates it on my behalf because clearly they don't as I evidenced by the direct e-mail from the spammer. How should I proceed? -Nigel
  2. njh@bandsman.co.uk

    sendmail woes

    It is indeed likely to be a sendmail issue not a spamcop issue, hence the subject "sendmail woes". [njh[at]bandsman ~]$ ping spam.spamcop.net ping: unknown host spam.spamcop.net [njh[at]bandsman ~]$ [root[at]bandsman log]# fgrep spam.spamcop.net maillog | tail -1 Jun 12 16:20:02 bandsman sendmail[15049]: m5CFK2t2015049: m5CFK2t3015049: DSN: < submit.xxxxxxxxxxxxx[at]spam.spamcop.net>... Unrecognized host name spam.spamcop .net. [root[at]bandsman log]#
  3. njh@bandsman.co.uk

    sendmail woes

    All of my reports to spam.spamcop.net fail because whilst there's an MX record for spam.spamcop.net, there's no A record so sendmail says <submit.xxxxxxxxxxxxx[at]spam.spamcop.net>... Unrecognized host name spam.spamcop.net. This started happening a few weeks ago. Is there a mailertable hack I can do to get around it? I'm using sendmail 8.14.2.
  4. njh@bandsman.co.uk

    No source IP address found, cannot proceed

    Here's a couple of examples from your "past reports" web page. As you can see, you don't give the tracking URL there. Submitted: Mon 23 Jul 2007 17:03:18 GMT +0100: Royal Bank of Scotland Plc: Please Update Your Online Banking Service Details No reports filed Submitted: Mon 23 Jul 2007 17:03:14 GMT +0100: Customer Service: Your E-Banking In Royal Bank of Scotland Plc No reports filed Submitted: Mon 23 Jul 2007 17:03:04 GMT +0100: Royal Bank of Scotland UK - Official Message No reports filed
  5. njh@bandsman.co.uk

    No source IP address found, cannot proceed

    Submission to spamcop takes two stages. The first stage is via email, the second clicking a button at the "Unreported spam Saved: Report Now" link you get after loging in. "A lot" means nearly all emails received via the secondary MX at my ISP rather than sent directly to my server. Those sent directly to my primary server are, by and large, correctly handled. Yes, it is.
  6. I get a large number of "No source IP address found, cannot proceed" when reporting. My hunch is that there's something wrong with my mailhost setting, but where to start? Which of my mailhost settings is likely to be wrong? The only clue is my suspicion that all of these messages have gone through a secondary MX before reaching my server, though that is only a hunch. -Nigel