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  1. Without any details on the errors you are seeing, this may not apply, but over the last two or three weeks I've been getting a lot of spam that has mal-formatted content which not only doesn't show up in Apple Mail, SpamCop is unable to scan contents due to a "header error."
  2. No, one account is all you will need. Just make sure to use the Mailhost tab to add in all your host servers for best results.
  3. Because of the link referenced in the body of the message http://6url.ru/jlZT
  4. Yes, There must be a blank line between the headers and the body text. If, in the future, there truely isn't any body text, simply add a blank line and "No body text."
  5. SpamCop is a reputable organization from Cisco Systems, partially supported by user donations. It has been an extremely valuable asset to many of us since 1998 and I encourage you to take advantage of it in the future to help stop spam in our time. It is certainly not dead.
  6. If you search the forum for "no body" you will find the answer several times. Just add a blank line after you paste the content and type "No Body". Quotes aren't necessary.
  7. According to http://myip.ms/view/ip_addresses/291772467... IP Owner: Eonix Corporation Owner Full IP Range: - Owner Address: 2360 Corporate Circle Suite 400, Henderson, NV, 89074, US
  8. Re: Tracking URL http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5888251651zb...d002c109eb73a3z Another example of being told that "ISP has indicated spam will cease; ISP resolved this issue sometime after May 9, 2014 at 5:37:19 PM PDT -0700" when the message wasn't even sent until Date: Sat, 10 May 2014 06:17:06 -0700. Obviously the ISP never got around to taking care or simply lies about all inquiries.
  9. I would agree for the majority of my accounts, but AOL has picked up markedly in the last couple of weeks and there is a lot of traffic alleging hacked accounts, so I expect we'll be hearing more about that in the weeks to come.
  10. I believe the source of the majority of spam these days is from botnets.
  11. Sounds self explanatory to me. Somebody reported spam before you and the ISP responded that they had it under control. Why waste time submitting it again?
  12. I suspect that many of us will consider that unacceptable in this day and age. HTTPS is essential to best security practices.
  13. All of us must speculate if you don't give us an example link to look at and see just who is responsible for what.
  14. That comes back to: - Geo Information IP Address Host Location US, United States City San Bernardino, CA 92408 Organization Health Data Sciences Corporation ISP Health Data Sciences Corporation AS Number AS13354 EBL Global Networks, Inc. Latitude 34°07'80" North Longitude 117°25'78" West But aflmc.ssc.af.mil makes it to be an official US Air Force address, although it would seem to be obsolete. The Air Force Logistics Management Center became the Air Force Logistics Management Agency in 1993. It's not clear that it's stated parent command SSC currently exists.
  15. That's clearly something you need to discuss with your mailhost.
  16. That would be my answer. If SpamCop doesn't suspect a Forgery and you get something from that same address frequently, see if there is an address to "unsubscribe" and try it. Those are working much more than they used to and the spammer has already shown that they believe your address is good or they would have given up long ago. Only if all that fails would I resort to blocking an e-mail address.
  17. Here is the referenced FAQ http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4085
  18. Seems to me that would be a plus. If I found that somebody on my spam list continually reported me, I would be quick to remove it.
  19. True, but what I was referring to are the invitations LinkedIn sends out to everybody in a members contact list when a member provides the password to their e-mail account (accidentally or on purpose) so that LinkedIn can "help" the user find additional associates. Those were unsolicited by me and sent by LinkedIn, so they are spam to me.
  20. Just a quick comment that most LinkedIn spam actually comes from LinkedIn, so should not be an issue for you.
  21. Seems to me that you should be complaining to bit.ly about their failure to take any action. The one nice thing about tinyurl is that they allow you to preview the actual url without going to the site, which means SpamCop can resolve the shortened version to the actual, so the reports can go directly to the real site, bypassing tinyurl. Seems to me that bit.ly could do this if they were interested in helping the community.
  22. Although I do agree that it's frustrating, I probably run into it once a month or so, making it hard to get excited about one way or another. When 99% of my reports go through without a hitch, I'm a happy camper.
  23. I, for one, would appreciate your not continuing to post these as it's not helping solve the problem and uses what I consider my valuable time to check back here every time you post.
  24. Did you leave a blank line or two between the last line of the header and [No Body]?
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