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    I would add to this conversation ipowerweb responded to spam/spamvertised sites to a poster on NANAE thus: http://groups.google.com/groups?q=That%27s...ogle.com&rnum=1 or http://tinyurl.com/5ax6r Doesn't really bode well for them or their customers (spammers?) Nor their perceived legitimacy or abilty to tell the truth (see rule#1). Personally I would simply generalise and say, 'blimey, don't spanked spammer whine?' (Must be Spamcops version of NANAE's spanked spammers who whine about Spews blocking them, most ot those anti-spews nutcases are clue repellant also). Oh and he isn't starting to sound like a spammer remember, rule 3....
  2. His name isn't Moris and lives in Edinburgh? No no, that's Spews innit. I wouldn't bother trying to explain this to him any further, OP is displaying classic symptoms of clue repellance. Blocked... see spamcop.net (for an explanation about spam and blocklists perhaps?) Spews listings don't happen because someone runs a 'legitimate' business. Spamcop's listing is the least of their worries Although: Listing History In the past 153.1 days, it has been listed 20 times for a total of 76.6 days surely has some significance. Spanked spammer sure whine don't they?