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  1. I have looked around for the answer but don't see anything, hopefully this isn't redundant-- but will we be able to log in and change our forwarding addresses for Spamcop after today? Or once it's set today, and the system shuts down, will that be it and all email will ALWAYS go to that address? RIP Spamcop, thanks for the great years!
  2. Geez, I'm blind, thank you! (and sorry for cluttering the forum)
  3. I'm actually seeing the same issue reported in the first post. I had cleared out my held email a few days ago and everything was fine (sorry, can't remember exactly when). I logged in today to check it (using the webmail interface through webmail.spamcop.net) and I get the same error when trying to either report held mail as spam, or delete it. Unfortunately the error makes it look like it reported the spam and deleted the messages successfully, and THEN reports the IMAP timeout so I think I accidentally reported the same batch of 100 held email 2-3 times before I realized what was happening. Sorry about that. I just tried to manually delete one message, and it worked-- so I tried 10, and it worked, 25ish worked, but when I went for a whole sheet of 100 it took a LONG time and then errored out, and I had the same number of messages. (so it didn't delete some of them, it just failed the whole operation) Reporting 5 messages that came in since my last check worked ok. Not sure if it means the servers are overloaded or if something needs to be looked into...
  4. Hi-- I hope I am doing this right since I see this problem a lot and it seems like people don't report the error well.. so I hope I do this right. I have noticed one of my addresses has been getting a lot of spam that comes back with the "No source IP address found, cannot proceed." error (combined with Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts). It is only one specific address, so I was thinking maybe the mailhosts were out of date and needed to be updated. So I re-ran the mailhosts test and only got one test email. I responded to it, and then tried to report spam, and got that error again. Is this a new type of spam, are my mailhosts messed up, or am I just really confused? (or is this a deputies issue?) (I also noticed Quick Reporting was turned off after I updated my mailhosts, is that normal? I assume so but wanted to be sure...) Sample tracking URL (sorry I don't have more, but since I have been using Quick Reporting it doesn't make one) http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1235384782zd...d3ef32de3d1054z http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1235385147z5...8f92ec0969b2d9z The "relay.mail.ucla.edu" address is in my mailhost config... or are they referring to the kasavah host? (which I don't know what it is, but it appears in both, could it be a mailhost name that the config didn't find?) Thanks for any help...
  5. I checked the UCLA mailhost list and noticed 2 other non-FQDN entries, so I emailed the deputies and asked them add Kasavah. They did, and all is working fine. (knowing how monolithic UCLA tech can be I thought it may take a few months to fix it-- if they were even agreeable to make the change) Thanks for the pointers...
  6. Thank you for this help. I've sent an email to support at UCLA with a pointer to this thread, so we'll see what happens. (I notice all of my failing reports are going through kasavah, looking back I can't find a working UCLA report of late)
  7. There is a certain website that is sending me a few unsolicited emails a week trying to get me into an advertising deal with them. I'm not even entirely sure where they got my address from, but that's irrelevant. The emails are sent to me from different names, but they all make the "I contacted you last week and haven't heard back so I am writing you again" claim. I reported them to spamcop and got a very nasty email from someone else in their company about how I am being irresponsible and telling me that a "single email of inquiry" is not the same as spam (keep in mind, there is no unsubscribe address, and I have gotten multiple "inquiries"), and how detrimental this is to their business. So, how safe is it to keep reporting them? What could they do? Would spamcop give them information regarding my identity? I stand by my opinion that this is spam, especially given the repetitive nature of it and the fact they try to cover it up with the "I wrote you last week" type of disclaimer (even though it was a different name) I have not responded to their emails because I don't want to give them ANY personal address of mine (even a spamcop address) as I don't know what they're do with it. I think at this point I'll see if I get a further email and if I don't in a few days (responding to my latest report) I'll just block the domain from emailing me and leave it at that. Thanks for any opinions.
  8. Justin42

    What can a spammer do in retaliation?

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm not so much concerned about them getting my email address, I'm more worried about lawsuits (or threatened lawsuits), etc-- would Spamcop give any info that's not already in the email is more what I meant (my name, etc)? Obviously, if it's already in the email, that's one thing-- I'm more concerned about what else they could do.
  9. I am having similar problems as posted before. I've registered all of my accounts with mailhost, and one of the accounts ([at]ucla.edu) is reporting EVERY spam as a forgery. It appears there are mail servers that Spamcop doesn't pick up to test, but are used a lot in receiving of other emails. Here's the link to an example report: spamcop at ucla EVERY spam I have received into that account since activating mailhosts has been showing as having forged headers, so something's definitely up. I also have another email address that even when I try to add it to Mailhosts, and get the "Success!" email, never shows up in the list of addresses (when you click the "Mailhosts" link). Who can I send that info to? Thanks for any help...