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  1. The "IPv6 construct" is always written by Courier MTA. ums.usu.ru is my mail server that runs Courier MTA. is the spammer. is added by the spammer to fool SpamCop into thinking that it has to contact IANA. Thanks for your reply. I understand.
  2. Let me check that I understand how this would work in this case. Your system would see that is not supposed to relay mail from third parties to me, and is not supposed to forward mail from careerone.com.au to anyone - right? Also, without replying, nobody would be able to report their website.
  3. Hello, spammers started using techniques that avoid SpamCop reports against them: 1) Forged Received: lines pointing to IANA or some other clearly innocent party to which SpamCop doesn't want to send reports. Example: Delivered-To: x Return-Path: <jobs[at]careerone.com.au> Received: from vps.inteloc.com (vps.inteloc.com [::ffff:]) by ums.usu.ru with esmtp; Thu, 09 Aug 2007 02:57:22 +0600 id 0001405C.46BA2E34.00005D24 Received: from alsmwkb ( by vps.inteloc.com; Wed, 8 Aug 2007 13:57:24 -0700 Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 13:57:24 -0700 From: jobs[at]careerone.com.au X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01) Reply-To: oraclevac.vanessa[at]gmail.com X-Priority: 3 (Normal) Message-ID: <21364222.20070130045435[at]careerone.com.au> To: x Subject: Our company offers you high earnings! Mime-Version: 1.0 2) Delaying replies in order to avoid getting two spam reports. I.e., I replied to their "job offer" and got a link to h ttp://w ww.form-agr eement.co m/ (which is an attempt to get my credit card number) in two days (so that SpamCop considers the original mail to be stale). So please: 1) Add a button in the "Report spam" page (that appears after clicking a link in the "SpamCop received X emails" message) to remove trust to a certain Received: line. 2) Add a button to paste related (but stale) email that is known to be from the same user, in order for it to be parsed for abuse addresses. The "Additional information" box doesn't work for this purpose because it doesn't do this parsing.
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