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  1. Interesting to note ... I turned on greylisting last night, and from that moment on I have received NO spam at all ... I've had nothing in my held mail all day. I think it's interesting because I use spamcop to POP my mail from my ISP. Then pull it down into Outlook on my home computer. From what I've read in this forum so far, this shouldn't be the case ... Whatever the case ... I'm doing a test by turning greylisting OFF on just one of my accounts. I'll let you all know what happens after the next 24 hours! Very interesting service! mrcj BTW ... I wouldn't be without Spamcop ... but I'm also part of that group who likes to report as much spam as I can, so it's entirely possible that greylisting "may not be for me" ... On the otherhand ... I'll never leave Spamcop! You guys ROCK!