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  1. Hi, I know this thread has been innactive for a while but I encountered the same error. It turns out our WAN IP reverse DNS record didn't match to our mail server DNS name. (we had just moved our servers onto a new managed network) Most email would deliver fine, just a handfull would reject and a few would reject occasionally. It had me stumped for a while until I had a look at the headers of one of our emails that I sent to my home email account. Hopefully this may aid someone having similar problems.
  2. I'd assume the two 100Mb ports would be for chaining them to switches much like you find dual gigabits on higher end 100Mb switches. Since you may have a number of device running at 10Mb you wouldn't want a bottleneck where they try to hop to another device so you add a higher bandwidth port to interconnect..
  3. Yikes! I've been talking with messagelabs about our organisation possibly using their services. They called up and and I was going to have discussions with a rep since I was looking at a similar service. I liked the idea of blocking spam at the gateway but now that I've heard this I'm inclined to steer clear.
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