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  1. Well it seems to work great with Gmail but still has issues with Outlook: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6513473043zd2e778a240dac510828b65c56e2f5e30z
  2. Yes, call me impatient, but I'm excited to find out what changes are coming in Spamcop 5.0. Anybody have any release notes yet or probably not until tomorrow?
  3. Receiving this message when trying to validate mailhosts for me.com: Userid not found for confirmation code: xxxxx Hello SpamCop user, This email contains special codes and tracking information to help SpamCop figure out your specific email configuration. Do not post this email in public. It contains confidential information related to the security of your SpamCop account. Please return this complete email, preserving full headers and the special tracking codes below. Visit this address: https://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=mhreturn Alternately, you may submit via email. Forward the message as an attachment to this address. Or create a new message and paste this email into it. Either way, send it to to: mhconf.xxxxx@cmds.spamcop.net Some email software may only support one or the other of these submission methods. For information on your email software and to learn how to get full headers see this FAQ: https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/19.html Special codes follow: ################################################################ I read the sticky about whitespace but didn't find any. I'm not sure what could be causing this. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Well it seems the amount of spam is easily a 10 : 1 ratio compared with legitimate posts, so maybe you may want to consider tightening things up a bit? The recent activity feed is useless due to the amount of spam.
  5. Isn't there any protection in place to prevent mass-creation of new accounts?
  6. While this does indeed work, this pretty much renders Quick Reporting useless since most of my spam comes through my Gmail account. Isn't this something that setting up mailhosts should catch anyways?
  7. Been using Spamcop for mail reporting for many years now, but I'd like to see if I can somehow use the blocklist to help filter spam as it comes in. I know the BL is intended to be used server-side, but is there any way at all I can use it with my email client (Thunderbird)? Or is it only able to be used with a mailserver?
  8. Not sure what my ISP would have to do with it...I can POP directly into all my accounts just fine with Thunderbird, it's just Spamcop that can't POP in. My external POP accounts are a mix of Godaddy, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and SBC Global addresses, so I can't imagine all of them have the exact same problem at the exact same time.
  9. Well, what would I be able to try? I've tried deleting all of my external POP servers and added them one at a time...still getting unknown error 8 on whichever one I try to add. It's as if all of a sudden Spamcop went dead. I can access my other POP accounts fine normally, and Spamcop mail is working fine on it's own, but Spamcop simply won't POP anything else.
  10. It seems for the last couple days Spamcop has not POPed any of my external email accounts. Each and every single one of them comes back with "Unknown Error: 8". Help?
  11. I am trying to add spam[at]uce.gov to my Public standard report recipients so that all spam reports I send get sent to the feds as well. Whenever I do so, however, I get the following error message: Can't save "Public standard report recipients". Invalid email format: spam[at]uce.gov Preferences not saved! Please go back and try again. I have tried several different email address (including my own, just to see what happens) and I get the same error message every time.
  12. That seems to have done the trick, just got a deluge of spam from my AOL account. Thanks!
  13. For the last few days, Spamcop was not fetching mail from my Hotmail and AOL accounts. Both of them were receiving "Invalid Password" errors, and both were using popgate.cesmail.net as the POP server. I fixed the Hotmail account by switching to popgate2.cesmail.net, but AOL is still having problems. Does cesmail no longer support AOL?
  14. What details would you need? I wasn't aware that "Release and Whitelist" had any specific settings that could be altered. I've already dropped a note via the Problem button.
  15. Release and Whitelist still not working. Report as spam works fine. When dragging mail out of Held Mail via IMAP, it can take several hours for the webmail interface to show that the mail is gone.
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