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  1. Thanks for the info jefft. Have there been any thoughts to a publicly viewable feature request list (and allow adding of new ones)? Would prevent repeated posts of previous suggestions and losing them when wanted. Another idea after that one is to give each user a certain number of points per year to vote on the one(s) they want most? Would help internal planning on what things to add next when ready to consider user input. and the server could handle them faster as this change would cut in half for the server the number of requests to process and responses to send! Besides the "not the best" usability of it as it is today, the server initiating to process a request has overhead (not necessarily huge, but some), which consumes resources - resources that could be better spent processing spam reports instead. Reducing the request/response count helps improve the system's capability to handle larger loads. Another way to say it is crippling usability is not a proper solution to throttle server loads. Jeff J
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what "auto-submittal" is and provides, and I do see "Technical Details" and have had that on for a long time. Paid spam reporting. The issue occurs with processing spams emailed in, not pasted into the webform. After logging in, then click the "Report" link, then view the spam analysis, then click "Send", then see the list of sent email report addresses and another "Report" link if another is waiting for processing. Instead of another report link, I would like to see SC automatically begin analysis of the next one and display it for "Send"ing. Was I more clear? Does this feature already exist and I do not know how to set it on? I have looked at prefs etc. but saw nothing.
  3. After submitting the spam report, a great usability and efficiency improvement is to have SC display the next report to process (if there is one, of course!) instead of making the user click on the "Report" link to get the next one. Especially when SC is slow on reponse, this would save user's time (one long wait instead of two) and reduce the number of web submit requests for the server to process (if I emailed in 10 spam reports, I will have 20 submits - 10 from the "Report" click and 10 from the "Send" click. (Not sure where to post this - I did not see a "feature requests" area)
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