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  1. I'm using the "show original" button in my gmail on a spam, and copypasting that into the spamcop report. That part is where the error shows up.
  2. I've been getting a lot of spam lately in my inbox that can't be reported because spamcop appears to be choking on IPv6 style addressess in the headers.
  3. I've been reporting a lot of spam lately that uses sites like bit.ly and tinyurl.com to obfuscate links. I think it would be a good idea for spamcop to keep a list of such "url shortening services" and (automatically or on request by the reporter) dereference them into the links they point to.
  4. Uggh...list poisoning Just gave wikipedia a check and found out this would be a BAD IDEA.
  5. Let me elaborate. new_average = old_average * (1 - x) + new_reporting_time * x Where X is how much the latest report. The other reports' weights would decay exponentially. X can be adjusted based on how many reports we have sent so far...and could cap at 1/100th. Slewing X down harmonically would do the same thing as keeping track of all the parts manually. It's just that the previous average gets a bigger and bigger weight vs. the new report, so everything balances out. "capping" the X factor at, say, 1/100th would give each new report a minimum weight in the new running average, and over time, new trends would weigh out the old stuff.
  6. Bummer...I thought a spamtrap for "UN"subscribing would be the ideal honeypot Good thing I asked first
  7. How about this: using a spamtrap to unsubscribe from a mailing list? Targets spammers who outright DEFY unsubscribe requests, since any unsubscription is an EXPLICIT request to NOT receive email. 1. Is this allowed under spamcop reporting rules? 2. Would it work? example: posting ahvouiahsdvhui[at]gmail.com to an unsubscribe list, and setting up ahvouiahsdvhui[at]gmail.com to forward all incoming mail to the <whatevertheheckyouforwardyourspamto>[at]spamcop.net Any mail sent to ahvouiahsdvhui[at]gmail.com had to have come from a spammer, becuase you just asked NOT to receive any spam.
  8. What may be better than just outright resetting is converting the average report time into, say, a 100 report moving average. Report count and/or using a time instead of a report count is also a good alternative... This would keep the lifetime average more relevant as time progresses without getting a skewed result.
  9. I wish gmail would subscribe to the SBCL... I just reported a spam and found out that google.com is refusing to accept spam reports.
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