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  1. Hi, Wazoo... believe it or not, I did actually read the FAQ (I mentioned this a couple of times) and the pinned threads before I posted. I may have missed some detail (I did read over them pretty quickly looking for clues to my problem) but the process is pretty simple really. There is obviously a problem with the way Excite headers are displayed in their webmail tool. Even so, the reporting fails when I forward an email as an attachment from my excite account. Steven.... No, I don't have a Spamcop email account. I'm guessing I may just have to get one. Thanks again. Rob.
  2. I am returning the probe using the online method. I have also tried the email method too but the domain hasn't showed up in my mailhost config and I did not receive an error back so I'm not sure quite what happened there. Yes, I followed that FAQ too. Thanks for the suggestions. Rob. edit. I finally got a response from the email submission: I forwarded the probe as an attachment and this was the response:
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I had seen that discussion and searched for other threads but I did not find anything that was able to help me. What I am actually trying to do is register my mailhost not report spam if that makes a difference. Thanks again, Rob.
  4. Hi Folks, I have been trying to get the headers from my excite account in order to add my mailhost. I have been able to add the headers from my other accounts but each time I try my excite account I get the following error: I have gone through the steps in the FAQ to get the full headers but I keep getting this same error. I tried forwarding the email to another account as an attachment but that did not work either. I noticed that there are links are stuff in the header but when I try to remove them I get an error saying the header has been altered. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Rob.