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  1. I sent the test email and it went through. I guess our network is blocking the attachments.
  2. Odd, I did not get an email notification of this reply. I'll check that. I am sending the spam FROM my work email and normally receive the reports to my gmail. It's possible my work email is blocking them.
  3. I forgot to mention that they are not appearing as unfiled reports when I log in to Spamcop.
  4. Do you mean the email account where I receive the emails to report my submissions? I use gmail, so check in spam? I am forwarding emails I get at work from my work email. It's never been a problem. Thanks.
  5. I have been emailing spam but I haven't been receiving emails to file the reports. I'm not sure how long this has been happening. I just noticed today. I had sent a few emails this morning. Thanks.
  6. mike20878

    Missing submit messages

    I've noticed the same problem recently. I used to be able forward my spam as attachments to spamcop and now apparently Comcast is indeed blocking them. I cc'd myself to another email earlier and it did not go through. I emailed customer service to complain and I got a reply with instructions on using webmail to send attachments. I guess I could try dragging the offending email to my desktop and then trying to attach it using webmail but what a pain.