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  1. On some web form spam submissions, it's still taking a loooong time to parse and then timing out necessitating revisiting the SpamCop page, at which point I'm seeing the Report Now option ... which AGAIN takes forever once clicked. *Sometimes* it goes through after clicking that, *sometimes* it take a loooong time again & times out again, & sometimes it reports the spam is too old ... on a spam I just received THAT day. SpamCop is still broken, apparently.
  2. I'm still seeing very slow parsing once I submit the spam. Spamcop is then coming up on a "Here is your tracking URL" page instead of giving me a chance to actually report the spam. When I go back to the Home page and click Report Now ... Spamcop take FOREVER to do anything ... and then STILL reverts back to the "Here is your tracking URL" page . SpamCop is still broke.
  3. I've had ONE spam I've been trying to complete reporting for the last two days and keep getting the following: Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.63e4317.1341492737.9aac7d9
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