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  1. Just saw this on a spam report: I don't think I've ever seen that before, I know it is going nowhere but I reported it anyway so it would be in the spamcop system if anyone can explain why spamcop picked that address. Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5374871637zc...2dc7503c0afa60z The [at] in the To: above got replaced by an [at] if that happens to this edit it will make it confusing too.
  2. Just got my fuel update and a few minutes later got the e-mail confirming it. Looks like every spamcop.net account that submitted a spam in the last six months is getting the free fuel.
  3. Emailed quick reports are going through with no long delays but the full reports via email are timing out for some batches of submissions. Waiting 15 minutes and trying them again seems to get them sent most of the time, a couple times I had to give the system more time to get back up to speed.
  4. See: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...pid=81926
  5. Another update on the reporting page:
  6. Did they actually change your old reporting address to a new one so your past reports, settings and fuel all transferred over or did they create a new one and delete the old one?
  7. I spoke (#268) too soon, just over an hour and a half from when I sent in the report I got a ready to process message. Processing is very slow and I'm getting timeouts and warnings but it is working if you keep retrying. I added myself to one of the reports and got a copy of the outgoing spam report in under a minute so at least that appears to be working.
  8. E-mail reported spam is not being shown as available for processing nor is an acknowledgment e-mail being sent.
  9. Reporting accounts can be free or paid, free ones are a bit slower to use and have a "pleases help by paying" note added. Nothing fancy involved in changing back and forth, add fuel to become paid or use it all up and don't add more to become free. Not sure how it works if you have a CES mail account.
  10. I'm now not even able to open the main spamcop.net page, it comes up blank. As a work-around I've switched to quick reporting which may or may not be sending the reports out but at least isn't eating a lot of my time. I don't envy the folks trying to sort out the issue(s) behind this but I do wish them luck in finding/fixing the problem.
  11. See this topic on the MW forums: How To: Spamcop.net reporting for the new MW http://forum.firetrust.com/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=10200 Note this caution there: For spamcop.net reports the "email Content" field must be blank. The only big issue with Mailwasher is that it offers to bounce your spam back to the spammer which is not what it does. Instead MW sends a fake bounce message to the address the spammer has chosen to have it sent to. That can result in abuse complaints to your ISP for assisting the spammer in mailbombing an innocent third party and suspension of your mail account. DO NOT use the MW bounce!
  12. Thanks for the tip on the tracking URL, I have so few problems I don't post here often and messed that up. If I'm reading your link correctly there is no way to get a sharable link unless I keep the one on the reporting page as it isn't available elsewhere / later. Keeping a few more tabs available when I'm having a problem won't be much of a burden so I'll do that next time I have an issue. I'll just filter these messages out and do quick reports on them, no sense wasting fuel on full reports if the links won't be used. So far I haven't has any major problems with quick reporting but keep an close eye on what is being done so if something does come up I'll catch it early. Thanks.
  13. I am starting to see a good number of these and wondered if there were any plans to add detection and reporting for URLs using the international character encoding? Òåë.: +7-911-959-89-48, ýë.ïî÷òà : mail[at]sensorus.ru www.áåñêîíòà êòíûå-òåõíîëîãèè.ðô http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=gettrac...rtid=5720953763 If I understand things properly I might as well do a quick report on these for now since the web link is being ignored by the full reporting. Is that the best solution?
  14. Rather than fight your ISP's filters sign up for a free Gmail account and use their SMTP server to send your reports, lots of MailWasher users are doing that now with good results.
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