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  1. My web host told me a complaint had been made about me and is threatening to cut off my account if it happens again. My Web host sent me the offending e-mail that the person received, which didn't come from me, but I don't see any way to respond to the complainer, as suggested at http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/96.html. There it says I should just reply to the e-mail, but I didn't get it myself. I don't know how my Web host got it. So, how do I find out who complained? I would like to respond to the person to explain that I didn't send the e-mail (although that's obvious from the e-mail). The e-mail was from a company that hires me to do webinars. They do the marketing, not me. My name is in the e-mail as the person doing the webinar. Is it acceptable to expand a complaint to anyone mentioned in the offending e-mail? If not, can I make a complaint? Is there a database of complaints that I can look in? I'd like to resolve this. Thanks, Ellen
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    How do I find out who complained about me?

    I have the same issue. The e-mail made it extremely obvious that I was just referenced and that the e-mail was not from me. So I think that my Web host is being unreasonable about this. Ellen
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    How do I find out who complained about me?

    I've asked the company not to mention my Web site any more. Thanks for the help. I'm curious why you would say that. Because if you're not sending spam, you don't have to deny that you're sending spam? Ellen
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    How do I find out who complained about me?

    This complaint wasn't about my own monthly tips newsletter. The e-mail was from a company that provides webinars. This is what the bottom of the letter that was complained about said: This is an advertisement brought to you by Education Minute, 2222 > Sedwick, Durham, NC 27713. This email is CAN-spam compliant. We hope > you found this message to be useful. However, if you'd rather not > receive future e-mails of this sort from Education Minute, please > <a > href="http://educationminute.com/o/opt.php?e=">click here</a> to unsubscribe. Or you can call us > at: 800-424-8668. Your request will be processed within 10 days. However, people have complained that they can't get through to the 800 number or that their request isn't process within 10 days. My name was mentioned in the e-mail because I was giving the webinar. The company hires me to do this for them. Ellen