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  1. Well, if anyone is interested, it appears to be working. Just don't forget to check the box that says "use SSL". I initially overlooked that box and was wondering why it didn't work. Now that I've got that checked, everything seems to be working fine and Yahoo is coming into my SpamCop account just fine now. :)

    I need to try this , thanks

  2. I was having problems with yahoo/popgate for some time.

    I recently switched back to the beta popgate2 setting and made some changes to my yahoo mail display options and all my mail in the inbox came through at once. I switched from full headers to brief headers.

    I've switched back to using popgate.cesmail.net instead of popgate2.cesmail.net and are moving email out

    Yahoo with some minor problems. In my opinion, the problem occurs when you switch from the old version of Yahoo Mail to the new Beta version, then reverse back to the older version . After you switch back and forth, popgate2.cesmail.net will not work properly. Using popgate.cesmail.net, the email(s) will be read, then transfered but won't be moved to the trash . However the email(s ) will remain in your inbox showing that they have be opened.

  3. If they are using Postini (which this shows they are), ask if you can have access to your Held Mail and settings. They should be technically able to provide that, but it may be against their policies to do so.

    Testing Wowway's mail servers: :D

    400 wowway.com.s7b2.psmtp.com. [TTL=86400] IP= [TTL=14279] [uS]

    100 wowway.com.s7a1.psmtp.com. [TTL=86400] IP= [TTL=14259] [uS]

    200 wowway.com.s7a2.psmtp.com. [TTL=86400] IP= [TTL=14239] [uS]

    300 wowway.com.s7b1.psmtp.com. [TTL=86400] IP= [TTL=259] [uS]

    wowway.com.s7a1.psmtp.com. - [successful connect: Got a good response [250 Ok]] (took 0.907 seconds)

    wowway.com.s7a2.psmtp.com. - [successful connect: Got a good response [250 Ok]] (took 0.812 seconds)

    wowway.com.s7b1.psmtp.com. - [successful connect: Got a good response [250 Ok]] (took 0.891 seconds)

    wowway.com.s7b2.psmtp.com. - [successful connect: Got a good response [250 Ok]] (took 0.875 seconds)

  4. I just sent a test email from my SC email account to your WOW address, Todd. Let us know if it arrives. I'm guessing that perhaps WOW is blocking messages sent from SpamCop.

    update: Todd, I received the following error:

    I sent to the exact address given in your message above, so it seems that you need to give WOW a call about this.


    confidence rating: 3 - SMTP

    The email address passed this level of validation

    without an error. However, it is not guaranteed to be

    a good address. more info

    canonical address: <tscott9 at wowway.com>

    MX records

    preference exchange IP address (if included)

    100 wowway.com.s7a1.psmtp.com []

    200 wowway.com.s7a2.psmtp.com []

    300 wowway.com.s7b1.psmtp.com []

    400 wowway.com.s7b2.psmtp.com []

    SMTP session

    [Contacting wowway.com.s7a1.psmtp.com []...]


    220 Postini ESMTP 234 y6_14_2c4 ready. CA Business and Professions Code Section 17538.45 forbids use of this system for unsolicited electronic mail advertisements.

    EHLO hexillion.com

    250-Postini says hello back



    250 HELP

    VRFY tscott9

    252 Try it and see


    250 Ok

    EXPN tscott9

    502 Not allowed - psmtp


    250 Ok

    MAIL FROM:<HexValidEmail[at]hexillion.com>

    250 Ok

    RCPT TO:<tscott9 at wowway.com>

    250 Ok


    250 Ok


    221 Catch you later

    [Connection closed]

    I contacted WOW and asked that they stop refusing Spamcop mailserver connections and to whitelist the Spamcop IP. They didn't respond but 90-some emails recently showed up, including all the test emails.

    In the meantime, I am no longer relying on email forwarding and am pulling emails in via POP. It's seems that when the Spamcop forwarding fails, there's no alert. That's just not a reliable method.

    So, as far as I can tell right now, everything's copasetic.

    Sounds like WOW was doing some type of server maintenance and that's why your emails where being held.

  5. Aha! I think we're hitting on something important....I just lookup up this SpamCop sending IP:

    c60.cesmail.net ([])

    From dnsstuff.com: (c60.cesmail.net ([])

    BACKSCATTERER LISTED ( TXT= "Sorry is blacklisted at http://www.backscatterer.org/?ip= 2100 seconds 78 ms

    UBL LISTED ( TXT= "Sender has sent to LashBack Unsubscribe Probe accounts" 3600 seconds 62 ms

    I mention months ago to Jeff that email being sent from " " .cesmail.net was being blocked , but was never given a response regarding this issue. :(

  6. To clarify, my spamcop email has been setup for years to forward to a Wide Open West account. That is not happening as of Sunday. The Wide Open West account *is* working, as I've successfully sent test email to that account and received it.

    The reason I mention there not being emails in my inbox is if the forwarding were disabled, my test emails (and regular email) would be there. They are not. I looked at my configuration and the forwarding email address is correct. I just want to eliminate that possibility that's it's a configuration error on my part.

    Correct, I haven't received any bounce message on my test emails either.

    Could your 'Wide Open West' account be (RBL) blocking all email coming from spamcop.net?