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  1. It would make a difference if the smtp server were specified in the instructions for setiing up email.
  2. It appears I was simply impatient, as I can log into webmail now. What is the outgoing mail server for my spamcop email account? I'm changing subjects without creating a new thread. Okay, it appears I can send mail from my cesmail.net account only from the web client.
  3. I do a lot of e-commerce and have never made this big a mistake before. I must not have recorded the password that I used to create my account, because I can't log in for the first time. Since I can't log in for the first time, I need to request a refund for the Paypal transaction?
  4. I don't care what is normal. I specifically said in the beginning of the thread that I want the sent mail saved on the server. And as I have already stated I am only expecting the same performance I can get from gmail, which is free. Relying on OE to save the sent mail is not acceptable. I will not pay money for a service that works like that. And I am a new user. I don't use didley storage space.
  5. Saving sent messages does work if I send them from Internet Explorer. It does not work with Outlook Express if I send messages using SMTP for sending and IMAP for reading. Gmail does not have this problem. I tried ports 25 and 587 for SMTP.
  6. Is there a way to have any sent message automatically saved to a sent mail folder? And I mean a folder on the server, not on a local device. I figured out how to auto create a drafts folder. Gmail does this but the gmail domain is banned from so many places that I wound up here.
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