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  1. Wazoo, I was confused. When I surfed to SpamCop to find answers, it seems every link points to these forums. What the "Help" links seems to suggest is that if you don't read and inquire on the forums for *any* issue, you're wasting the time of administrators at SpamCop. I was leery about writing to SpamCop because the last time I did so, my email bounced back to me undelivered. I was writing about a phishing scam that involved someone using "support" as a From address and the domain was Spamcop.net. I, naturally, didn't respond to it because I recognized it as a phish. But, then, I couldn't figure out how to alert Spamcop about it. When my alerting email bounced back, I was just lost. I couldn't find another email address to write to. That's why I turned to the forum FAQs. It's not at all apparent to me, a non techie, that these forums NOT for the purpose of managing ones' email accounts. The discussions available approach the issue I had, but they weren't clear. I understand the difference between an email account and a forum subscription, but it looked to me like I was supposed to use the forums to 1) search for an answer to my personal account issue, and 2) if I didn't see my specific issue address I was to post my question on a forum so that other account holders would have the benefit of it, and SpamCop admin wouldn't have to repeat the same instructions to others in individual email messages. Finally, if I'm to address my issues with "JT", how do I contact JT? See? That's one of the problems. I have actually looked for an email address to, in essence, speak to a live person and I've yet to be able to find such an email address. Seem like as I approach some area of the web site that approximates a "Contact Us" area, it immediately refers me to a forum, cautioning me to "use the FAQs" first, as if there is no possible way to write to an individual at SpamCop. It's a long frustration of mine. I'm profoundly deaf and in most of my interactions, I am forced to email people to get an issue resolved. But, that a company like Apple, for example. There is practically NO way to send them an email message and get an answer. You can't contact them and have a conversation via email. The force you to call on the telephone. Well, for me that means I have to depend on another person who can hear. I often have wait several days to get someone on MY schedule assist me with calling. I'd say that it would be helpful if SpamCop had a **prominent** means of communicating directly with them via email. I tend to get brushed off on this suggestion. If an email avenue was opened for a deaf person to communicate with a company, companies tend to think they would open the door to a great many people emailing them without sufficient personnel to handle the correspondence. That sounds like a legitimate reason to channel communications to the place where personnel are already in place. But it still, and forever, leave me with no way to contact the company without the assistance of another person - a person I have to either inconvenience or HIRE to assist me. So, how do I contact JT?
  2. I spent about an hour looking for this topic and I can't find specifically what I want to know about. I got married. I have a "Family Plan" with Spamcop and originally set up three email addresses. My original SpamCop.net email address has my birth surname incorporated in it like so: surname[at]spamcop.net. I want an email address that incorporates my new surname as so: newsurname[at]spamcop.net I want to keep my old email address for a while, until I can announce to my correspondents that I have a new email address. According to the original registration process, I was allowed something like six email address to use in the plan I choose. HOW do I add a NEW Spamcop.net domain email address to my account and HOW do I then delete the old one when I'm ready to make the transition to the new address. I need to also mention that my present Spamcop.net domain email address is the one I used to set up my account, so would it be necessary to do anything special on my account when I stop using that account and start using my new account? Sorry to be a dork. I'm disoriented by all the forums so there may be an answer available for ALL of these question somewhere. I just can't find ANY of them.
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