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  1. Wow. Really? It was sort of touch-and-go after I wrote them. I had told them I was going to block all email coming from yahoo.com, and not long after I had done so, I received AN IDENTICAL PORN spam from a yahoo.ca address!! So I had to massage my procmail rules a bit to exclude that as well -- but my paranoid hackles were up and (although I am now pretty sure this was just coincidence) the picture in my head had the dot.tk guys, all peeved at me, giving my address directly to the spammers so they could serve me more porn! I've gotten a couple of scattered spams of the same formula (boy do I recognize it by now!) from other addresses, but the websites in them still seem to be on .tk. I haven't gotten one in a couple of days. Thanks for following up, petzl. I want to think we all had an effect on the great juggernaut. But I expect to see him/her again.
  2. I sent an email directly to abuse[at]dot.tk and told them exactly what I thought of them. They wrote back acting all surprised. Bastards. I added a procmail rule that sends all emails from yahoo addresses to /dev/null.
  3. I took the step of reporting the sites to meldpunt-kinderporno.nl via their web interface -- they got back to me and said all the sites I'd passed along were "legal pornography" and did not involve children. I may stop pursuing this, at least so vigorously. I might take the step of adding an entry to my .procmailrc file that will simply trash all emails coming from yahoo. Of course this will chew up some valid emails, but I am not aware that I get that much from yahoo addresses (other than spam) anyway. Still interested to hear if anyone else has any luck with these. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. I am older and (maybe a little) wiser, and a trifle depressed.
  4. Spams coming in again, with URLs 'hidden' so they don't show up when headers are displayed and forwarded. So we're back to that. They're all .tk addresses. I sent an email to Info[at]meldpunt-kinderporno.nl asking for help. They wrote back almost immediately and suggested I report the offending sites via their website. I will start doing that when I get home from work tonight. I refuse to give up.
  5. Getting spams again ... still via Yahoo! ... the links are back as embedded in the emails, so SpamCop picks them up correctly. Must have been losing too much money w/o clickable links ... (?) S/he seems to be back sitting [at]dot.tk. Will keep reporting. If I had a hammer ...
  6. No spams from this source for a few hours -- hope that continues, but I have my doubts.
  7. S/he appears to be jumping all over the place today. I'm beginning to wonder whether the URLs in the emails (which for some reason disappear when I show headers, and are not registered by the Spamcop engine), and the IPs they resolve to, are real at all. I just this morning read about TOR. I don't know much about it. Perhaps it is not involved here. But there is so much I don't know, and the spammer(s) probably have a whole crew of talented crackers working for him/them.
  8. Well our spammer is a busy one! And it doesn't look like leaseweb is prone to doing anything. I'll just have to keep reporting, I guess ... unless someone else has some good ideas. Thanks for all the help so far. I feel like I'm learning ...
  9. I hope it works. I am still getting a few of these spams, but for some reason I had a bout of paranoia this morning & I am going to lay low for a bit. I don't want trying to do the right thing to backfire on me.
  10. I see that. Sigh. I am attempting to contact Interpol but their inbox appears to be full. I just sent an email to info[at]stopitnow.nl, asking them if they have a direct reporting address. I will start contacting them, since they are Netherlands-based and so is Leasweb.
  11. resolves to leaseweb.com in the Netherlands. When I view it with a text browser, it is blank, is one of the ones I reported to dot.tk -- when I attempt to go there with a text browser, I get a 404 - not found. I think they've been taken care of at this time ...
  12. UPDATE: for what it is worth, dot.tk has taken the offending site down. I'll claim a temporary victory, I think. I imagine I wasn't the only one reporting these foul things.
  13. I'm now copying Interpol on my reports. I'm too pissed off to drop this.
  14. Got a few more today. The links, which appear to be in HTML but are still not picked up by the SpamCop filters/engines, are back to .tk. I am forwarding these directly to abuse[at]dot.tk. I would relish seeing this a-hole dragged off to prison, whoever he is.
  15. OK, I've had some interesting developments here ... I think (I never know when the next flood of pr0n spams is going to prove me wrong). I signed up for a Knujon account and began forwarding the still-pouring spams to a coldrain email address. Not long after this, the websites included in the spam emails not-so-subtly morphed: in Pine, at least, I'd see the "advertised" pr0n link, but no longer as hypertext, but in brackets, like this: [stuff.more-stuff.countrycode] This text appeared, anyway, to DISAPPEAR when I showed the headers of the email. And when I submitted one of these to SpamCop I now only had the option to sent to the [at]yahoo.com address (plus the Coldrain address). My interpretation of this (which may be lightyears off -- I'm new at this) is that the spammer(s) had somehow figured out a way to effectively "hide" the URL so it couldn't be traced back (to dot.tk or whatever the hosting site was). So I ran nslookup on one of these bracketed URLs, then another. I ran 'whois' on the resulting numeric IPs, and found they were all essentially the _same_ IP, and that they were under the control of yet another company: leaseweb.com. I also noticed around the same time that a few spams with the links intact showed up, and SpamCop seems to have traced these to leaseweb.com as well ... but I found that reporting to leaseweb is disabled (don't know why). At that point, I began double submitting the spams, once to leaseweb, including info about the site being advertised and once to SpamCop (and from there to Yahoo and Knujon). I haven't heard back from leaseweb, and for now the spams have ceased. I'd like to think I've become a sufficient PITA that they have pried me off their godforsaken list(s) ... but I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure they'll be back.
  16. Great! I just signed up for a KnuJon account. :^) Thanks for the response. I am nowhere near giving up -- I'm too mad -- but was starting to wonder if I could hone the response in any way. I've got some good things to follow up on now.
  17. Hi - For some months now I have been getting hammered by thousands of porn spams that originate from one of the yahoo 'bullet' servers, which apparently mention websites hosted by, chiefly, the following four domains: vsnl.co.in ovh.net gblx.net (these three appear as a group on individual emails) and also dot.tk I have been dutifully reporting these, but they keep coming and coming and coming. And I have never heard a peep out of yahoo (though I gather that's not unexpected). Is there anything I can do to take this to the next level? Thanks, GB
  18. I don't know if this is the case for many others (and I don't know if it's too soon to begin celebrating) but the server has been reasonably responsive to me for a couple of hours now. Fingers and toes crossed ... even though I am NOT superstitious :^)
  19. I am sure folks are working hard to repair this, but the extent to which the situation sucks is difficult to express. The worst, for me, is the [not-so]-faint giggling of spammers in the background.
  20. I can see new-ish posts to this thread if I use the "lo-fi" version ... but I can't respond to/quote posts: all I can do currently is reply to the OP. I can't get to www.spamcop.net at all, now. It does seem this problem has been going on for some time, now ... and I have lots of spams sitting in the queue somewhere. I guess there's some comfort in knowing I'm not alone, but I am very frustrated.
  21. Not only can I not submit spams, I can't even read the latter pages of this thread ...
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