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    I am being Blocked on SpamCop

    Thank you very much. I have let my users know on NUMEROUS times - but I really can't hold their hands (as all admins know, there is that one guy who thinks clicking on Viagara would help ) And another thing - those with Blackberry servers (not sure the newer versions), but reading an email automatically sends a read receipt if the sender clicked on that. I have seen a few spam messages asking for receipt. Thanks for the removal and I will double check the standards of the server!
  2. I run an Exchange server at my company and my emails have been blocked by some of my clients stating SpamCop as the source. I am not sure if the clients are just using the list or if they filter their mail through SpamCop. I would like to get to the bottom of this and if my server is an open-relay to quickly close it! Any help would be much appreciated. Sorry forgot this: - I have checked MANY spam blocking sites and this is the only one I am listed on.