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  1. Fastmail.fm will import and create all of your folders and of course Thunderbird is a great desktop client. Fastmail is not horde but is the first web client I've ever seen that rivals a desktop client.
  2. No surprise. I never checked the forums, only the SpamCop documentation pages. Who'd've thought they might have written something there.
  3. Was it documented anywhere? I.e., did I miss it, or was it a secret? Just axing since we know it's all academical now.
  4. Will it be possible to change the forwarding email address on October 1 and after??? Also-Plus-Too... I realize this is a little late to the party, but I was not aware that SpamCop provided ANY SMTP (outgoing server) service. Have I been uninformed for the last 15 or so years? And, finally, I will miss all of you. I have interacted very little on these here forums here, but you've all been so kind and helpful no matter what level of petty bitching I've tossed in. Including one guy who went in and cleaned up a lot of posts which included my email address [at]spamcop.net. Best wishes to all of you. And if you're ever in Columbus, Ohio ring me up.
  5. FastMail imported all of my SpamCop emails. Not necessarily into the correct folders (I did not see any utility in patience and testing and whatnot), but it grabbed all of them nicely including attachments. Complaints? 1. You damn well better write down your password (DUH!) and set up a recovery email address - and they don't have you do it at account setup. If you don't do that, and forget your password, you'll be left with a help page that tells you to file a support ticket to recover your lost password, but you can't file that support ticket WITHOUT a password and a recovery email address. 2. No telephone support. OK, fine, but no same-day email support eether! I'm EST-5 (NYC) and my email responses come in in the middle of the night. But FastMail looks pretty slick. I just hope they are as good to me as SpamCop was. I will truly miss the little shots of oxytocin I got every day quick reporting spam via http://www.spamcop.net/reportheld. O! but if only I could get a spamhaus address! You are wiser than me. A word to the wise is sufficient. You've been worded. -- "I'm a man. But I can change. If I have to. I guess." Just get me a damn ansible!
  6. I have used Thunderbird for years. In general it is very good. The only problem I particularly have with it is that "they" don't perfect a major revision before starting on a new one. But that is a problem I have with all open source projects. Thunderbird for Windows will always be more robust and mature, and pretty, than Thunderbird for *ix. I have just folded space from Ix. Many machines on Ix....
  7. And how exactly do you report anything conveniently if it's automatically forwarded to another email account? I haven't reported manually in years. I transfer everything there and then report as spam from within heldmail in horde or by navigating to http://www.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog in my browser.
  8. Downloading folders - you know, so you don't lose everything come 9-2-0 - see http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3411
  9. How do we set up forwarding? See http://www.spamcop.net/ces/setup_forwarding2.shtml , noting that whoever wrote the text doesn't know that "setup" is a noun and that the VERB is "set up." An all-to-common goof. (Sorry, even though I can't read (like reading the instructions in the original email), I work with words all day long and can focus on minutia. I can't help myself.)
  10. So I guess there will be no way to retrieve the filtered messages, you know, the ones that got filtered by mistake? WELL, CES, WHAT'S THE ANSWER?!
  11. I'm confused. Are you suggesting <snip name of another provider>, <snip name of another provider> or <snip name of another provider>? { Also, 80 years IS pretty young for proper grokking. }
  12. I was not aware that [/b]<snip name of another provider> provided email services. As to two-factor authentication, will it allow access by Thunderbird as a client?
  13. Yes, of course. I wasn't thinking. Totally forgot the owner's priorities.
  15. IS THE DAMN SITE DOWN AGAIN?! 2014-03-26 - 1900EST
  16. I have been patient, but this is bullsh**, and not a f****** SINGLE new word on the news page in the last nine hours, and the site has been down for 23 hours now!
  17. Fair enough so far as it goes, but we don't know yet what happened.
  18. This has always been the way. The staff gives first priority to fixing things. Google is fine if you want no way to get back at the spammers and don't mind your emails being mined the better to target you for advertising. And don't neglect to sign up for Google+ so I know everything you're doing at all times.
  19. Thanks. The only way I remember to get to that page is via the link on the webmail login page - I haven't found it mentioned anywhere this morning till your kind reply. Steve
  20. I was able to report spam about 4 ayem EST but as of 7:25 ayem EST there is no access to webmail or heldmail and no mail is being processed. IIRC even the webmail login page is not available. Where?
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