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  1. Derek, lets hope then. Changing the issue, I cannot edit the initial topic to [solved] can you help me with that? Regards, Pedro
  2. Wazoo, thanks for your very clear answer. I already sent this to my provider in Chile for him to analize his logs and all the NS stuff that I really do not understand. As soon as I dont see my IP listed in spamcop.net I will add a Solved to the sbject of this thread. Best Regards, Pedro
  3. Derek, I don´t see why are you so concerned about knowing if my customers did or did not send the spam. What I am telling you for sure is that a I spoke with my provider and recognize that xxx domain (he didn´t give the name) did sent spam during the weekend. If you want to check this you can call 562 - 2049096 this is Chile. Their web page is http://www.intersitio.cl , or you can email them soporte[at]interistio.cl Anyway I don´t understand your point here. Or you trust what I am saying or you contact them to double check. Regards, Pedro
  4. Derek, as you may know you can be a reseller of a reseller and sometimes even deeper in the chain. So apologizes accepted. Thanks anyway for your reply and what I have learned today is I must try to go independent as being at the top of chain of resellershipness. I have VIP customers and I cannot risk them to this condition that someone in an another domain certainly did. Derek, I know that becuse I talked over the phone with my provider and gave me the info minutes ago, he didn´t gave the domain name and that domain is currently blocked. Hopefully he will give the info to post it here. Regards, Pedro
  5. Derek, you are answering a little anxious. I do not deserve to be listed. My IP does. If you read the whole post you can realize that am not the only domain in that IP, so please do not offend me jumping into conclusions. I came here for help not for offenses. And regarding the question you do I have no clue because my domains in my reseller plan did no do the spam and I do not know who was. Best regards, Pedro
  6. To whom it may concern, We have been blacklisted at spamcop: http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...;ip= Besides that: http://www.senderbase.org/senderbase_queri...ing= The main concern and issue is that I have a reseller plan with 15 domains, but my IP is been shared or reselled with many others, so it is not controllable who is doing the spam. First I need help with this ongoing issue and please unlist us from your blacklist. Second is there a way to know the domain who made the spam and no the IP? Thanks for your assitance. Pedro
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