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  1. (HELO biss-2) to what is that reffering to?
  2. "Have you yet even looked at the Why am I Blocked?" Yes I have "System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps" OK, I'm looking to solve that...It wasn't a trojan found on any machine (that I could find). I can't detect any issue with our mailing program, but If you know somewhere to look for issues I will. "..... Doesn't quite match up with that "10 times in the last year" description ...." Actually it does, read the first sentence in the last 4 days... (12-11 is less than 4 days from 12-15) "Real-time blacklists" Yea I found these too, also pointed me to a trojan or malware. I ran MSRT as the CBL list reccommended, nothing found on any of the machines. "Will wait for you to do some of your own research " I did all this, You've told me nothing new, and none of this helped me resolve the issue
  3. In the past 3.9 days, we have been listed 2 times for a total of 43 hours. We ran Spybot and Adaware on all 4 machines and took care of any issues (finished friday) We use IXwebhosting for web hosting and email. We have a dynamic ip from windstream. We use a protected wifi (WEP) router connected directy to the windstream modem. Each machine runs AVG and regulary scans. we use windows xp firewall, updates, and virus protection on each pc. we do have a newsletter, we generated the contacts for our customers (didn't purchase a list or anything), and have sent is out sucessfully 10 times over the past year without issue. I'm concerned this could have been taken over but I don't see anything indicating that... How can I track down the infected PC more directly , anyway of finding it's name? Also, can I identify what was being sent that caused the issue. Any ideas in what I should look into next? I tried to fix each machine on Friday but we were put back on the list today so something is still messed up. thanks
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