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    3/29 System Outage and Maint

    I jest received a "System is up;processing queued mail. System will go down for 1-2hrs for maint when all queued mail finishes processing" message. Has anything been done to "reinforce" the system, or is it still subject to frequent outages?
  2. Are you forwarding the other addresses, POPing them, or IMAPing them? In other words, how do you know "it's still pulling down that email?"
  3. Thanks for the address... I wrote, and they've already replied!
  4. How do I go about reinstating an old SpamCop account? I've sent multiple emails to "corp-support[at]cesmail.net," as suggested, but inquiries seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Thank you.
  5. lglasser

    Update - System Failure etc

    Sorry, but "we're working on it," every couple of hours, is more informative than nothing. "Nothing" means you're not working on it.
  6. lglasser

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    Also, with a significant downtime.
  7. lglasser

    Disappearing Mail

    If you have the time, and don't mind, please give it a try. When MailWasher notifies you of new mail, please open MW's main screen. If your mail appears on the screen, press "Check Mail." That's the point when my mail "disappears." Suddenly, MW says I have no new mail. Thanks for your help!
  8. lglasser

    Disappearing Mail

    3/19 Update: I've been forwarding my SpamCop mail to another address, which has temporarily solved the problem, but switching back to my old settings results in the same problem. HELP!
  9. I'm currently using MailWasher, which is one of the many utilities that checks for mail, then notifies you, if there is any mail, accordingly. I just sent myself a test email, which MailWasher notified me of, but when I went to download it (a few minutes later), it wasn't there. Note: This is ONLY happening with my SpamCop accounts!
  10. It just came back for me.