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  1. Some delayed mail I was expecting turned up about 30mins ago. The headers (of one) say it was forwarded at 06:12:01 -0400 (EDT). Thanks to whoever did it. I'm feeling fractionally less paranoid.
  2. For me too, forwards do not seem to be working. They worked yesterday, according to my tests, but not now. Neither tests, nor real mail from real correspondents is arriving at its new destination. I am worried that messages sent to my old spamcop address are being dev/null'd as spam. Were I an optimistic person, I'd feel sure they are being held in a queue somewhere. I get less optimistic by the hour. As a long time user of the mail service, it is simply not tolerable to deal with literally hundreds of correspondents and sign-ups all at once. What about all the bland assurances we were given?
  3. Yes, yes, I know, but today I tried to buy an Apple computer, with my "primary email address" ending in spamcop.net. It was definitely one of the more degrading experiences I've ever stood still for. I used to work for a once rich American computer company, and on every other cube wall there was a picture of a baby with it's third finger stuck up with some hilarious wit like "swivel on that, sheep" underneath. They got bought by a dozen other companies, and nowadays nobody remembers who they were. Swivel on that, Apple. What was degrading? Listening to a corporate cockroach droid flannelling on (I am allowed to rant here in the lounge, right?) about the dangers of important emails being caught in spam-folders, and blah blah blah yap yap yap. Scripted talkover with no opportunity to speak. i've used this f'ing email address for over a decade for all kinds of tricky things, not just buying overpriced computers. My bank doesn't mind my email address, nor amazon, (total saints obviously) nor the companies that sell me over-priced energy, and last but not least the couple of dozen flesh and blood human beings I exchange thoughts with. Ugh. Gak. Spew. Anyone know anything about these Intel NUC things? Emacs? Latex? Something for wifi?
  4. I'd pay a bit more if I got convinced there were reliable and alert people looking after my email. So would I. Just to vent my bad temper a little, I've developed a mental picture of a couple of smelly individuals in a caravan somewhere, with a big bag of weed and some crates of wild turkey, chilling in front of a huge TV in their underwear, who look after my mail. I've so far managed to assure myself this is a shameful hallucination. It gets harder. Oh whoops! Some emails are turning up...
  5. As a fully paid-up card-carrying afficionado of the spam graphs, nowadays I sometimes succumb to the (conspiracy) theory that they are now being fed some program making up random numbers, that interjects little wiggles every now and then in an effort not to be blatantly bogus. However, since it's fun, lets speculate about what we see. Seemingly, in the second week of January, some fiend or fiends somewhere turned an unrelenting high-pressure jet of spam on Spamcop's users and honey-pots. This looks like nothing I have seen before in something like a decade of staring at the sacred graphs. Usually, the fiends blast the stuff out in huge short-lived bursts, presumably in an effort to hit the world's mailboxes before the blocking lists catch up. Coinciding with this great new deluge, the amount of spam that actually makes it to my "held mail" has dropped to almost nothing. What's going on? Over time, I've noticed that the fiends and cockroaches have become much more interested in trying to plant malware on my computers, whereas before, they wanted to sell me bling, and potions to make my penis bigger. Clearly, the world of the cockroach is evolving. The spammers are becoming more industrialised, more professional, and more focused on what actually makes money. Amazingly, some of them have even learned how to spell! I'd be really interested to read anybody else's speculations, even if they're no more informed than my own.
  6. It's only about a year and bit since my last lamentation, and already the gods are unhappy. After a little spluttering, the eternal flame is extinguished! We're all doomed!!
  7. Uh-oh! (As in Dustin Hoffman, the rain man.) The omens have stopped working yet again! Ominously, Hank
  8. Yup, fixed. Thank you too, farelf.
  9. The graphs have died again! (At least for me.)
  10. I know, of itself it's not serious, but the graphs of server reporting status stopped working almost 24 hours ago. I haven't seen any mention of it in the newsgroups or forums. It always alarms me when this happens. It makes me think nobody is looking to see things are working. Sometimes it just starts working again. Sometimes my mail disappears for a fortnight. Please humour me. I'm a helpless neurotic, but only because of bitter experience. And I like the pretty graphs, which reassure me I'm not the only one deluged with multiple copies of incomprehensible cyrillic nonsense. Merged here from a separate topic by Steve T.
  11. I'm pretty interested to know whether this will be resolved. I use Thunderbird mostly, which I understand may not be above suspicion. I've been accustomed for a long time to use smtp.spamcop.net, from various places. It's been very convenient, for several years. Nowadays, I have to grant temporary exemptions to Thunderbird's (?) problem with its certificate. What's (a, firstly) the diagnosis? (b, secondly) the prospects of the "beta" smtp server certificate issue getting resolved (some/any)time? If I can be of any help with (a), I happy to try, but I'm far from an email/security guru. Hank
  12. I had imagined that spamcop reporting could be only a minor nuisance to spammers, and other pondlife spraying out malware. Surely the honeypots are much more important? And even then, I thought, the scbl, must be pretty insignificant in the general scale of things? It's encouraging to have some evidence I might have been too pessimistic. If only some of the resources spent by governments and industries on hunting down morons downloading crap movies or telling each other feeble jokes about blowing up airports could be spent on exterminating some of the real dangerous pestilence rife on the internet. Not speaking for anyone else, but maybe the reporting service should simply be withdrawn, at least until some solid way is figured out of countering whatever abuse is going on. It could be interesting for many people to know what the effect of that would be. Hank
  13. The following is not facetious. Experience has taught me that the spam graphs not working is a pretty reliable sign that some disaster is about to happen, like my mail is going to disappear. I'm feeling a bit alarmed at the moment. Where's the right place to draw some capable person's attention to the fact that the graph has stopped working, and whatever is the cause of it? Hank
  14. This whole event is like a blow with a sledgehammer. Yes, I have some sort of partial backups. I have spent most of the day fishing urgent things out (from various computers, mail clients and operating systems): plane tickets, urgent work things, things like that. For sure, about 99.99% of my mail is no loss at all. But 0.01% isn't just urgent but long-term important, and I don't even know what it is, just now. I appreciate, that somewhere in America there are (please God) some harassed individuals plugging in disk drives or whatnot, trying to stitch peoples mail together. Thanks. But bear in mind that the pain and time I have spent today, and tomorrow, and for months afterwards, multiplied by the number of your email customers, is enormous. There is one hell of a lot at stake, not just the survival of your company. Please do it properly. Please be careful. Get it right. Thanks.
  15. It is good the statistics page is back. Unfortunately, the "monthly" graph is showing "todays" data, and the "yearly" graph is showing the "monthly" data.
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