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  1. Someone above mentioned the meta refresh being only a few seconds despite their message saying some large number. I actually did check the source of the page yesterday and the meta refresh delay was the same as the message (around 90 seconds). If I hit refresh, the number on the page seems to decrease by about the number of seconds I had waited (eg, if it said 90 and I waited 10 seconds, it would now say 80). Cheers
  2. I'm getting the same message. It's also taking a long time to load pages on the forum. The TTL of forum.spamcop.net is very low which causes my browser to have to look the name up every few minutes (or seconds) and lookups are taking a long time for some reason. Maybe spamcop is under a ddos?
  3. For the last 2 days I've been getting this message: Please wait - subscribe to remove this delay (or click reload if this page does not refresh automatically in 87 seconds.) It's usually about a 5-7 second delay, but now it's jumped to about a minute and a half? Are you trying to discourage people from submitting spam? What's going on?
  4. Thanks for figuring that one out. I admit that I did indent some of the multi-line headers in an attempt to get the message to parse properly, but didn't attempt to remove spurious headers. At least I know that I wasn't doing anything wrong. I've already submitted a separate abuse report to google through their website concerning the phishing form at that URL, so hopefully they pull it down soon. Cheers, Andrew
  5. http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=gettrac...rtid=5438180888 http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4911257978z9...f1d5fc58620808z The message contains a URL: <https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGotMWg4MVFST2tWX1ZUc2hCRXJFVUE6MQ> However, the parser doesn't give me the option of sending a report to google. It doesn't even say that the URL was found and that the owner doesn't want to receive reports. It seems to either not find the URL at all or completely ignore it.
  6. Here's the tracking URL http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2791161873za...58d04d7480a9b2z However, my question has pretty much been answered. Thanks for the replies. Andrew
  7. I submitted a piece of spam which contained a URL in the body. I was surprised when SpamCop discarded the URL because it didn't resolve to an IP address. I can understand why SpamCop wouldn't act on the URL from an IP basis. But why not record the URL and why not send a report to the admin in the whois info of the domain? The owner of the domain may want to know that something might be going on. Also, just because the hostname doesn't resolve to an IP at the time I reported it, doesn't mean it won't resolve in the future. It may be a fast-flux domain. Just seems odd to me that the url would be completely ignored just because it doesn't resolve to an IP. Here's the report: http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=gettrac...rtid=4033614096 Andrew
  8. Correct, messages are assigned a score of 3.5 if the sending host is listed on bl.spamcop.net. I think this may be why it's not showing up. The spam is targetted marketing campaigns directed specifically to us, so the number of spamcop reports is likely quite low. They are also sending from about half a dozen different IPs, further reducing the reports per IP. I guess unless more of us here start reporting them, they won't get listed. Thanks for your help Andrew
  9. I've been receiving spam regularly from convio.net and I've reported it at least 25 times over the past several months. Nothing seems to happen though. I still keep receiving the spam and our spam filter keeps giving it a score of 0.00. A listing on spamcop would give it a score of 3.5 which I have never seen for mail from this domain. The reports get sent to /dev/null instead of notifying the abuse contacts. I'm just wondering if my reporting the spam is actually doing anything?
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