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  1. Many thanks Steve for the help. TBH I hadn't noticed the User Notification option in the web form (or, more likely, hadn't realised its purpose). Hopefully, it'll avoid the need to pester my ISP's support team again. Again, thanks. Geoff
  2. Background: A lot of spam that I receive to my non-GMX addresses contain links to addresses in the gmx.com domain for contact and/or 'unsubscription' purposes. For example, a recent piece of spam asked me to reply to bestpagerank[at]gmx.com rather than the 'reply-to' address (no-reply[at]address.com) to avail myself of spammy's SEO services. Spamcop didn't offer to send a LART to an appropriate abuse address for gmx.com and all recipient addresses of the SC LART were devnull'd. I know that GMX (aka 1&1) will take action if they receive sufficient reports of abuse of a gmx.com account as they've told me they closed down an address that was used as contact address for spam sent to my GMX account. Unfortunately, when I tried sending a LART directly to support[at]gmx.com, my ISP refused the message because it contained spam (i.e. the sample I was trying to sent to GMX as evidence) and have been somewhat tardy in dealing with my request to allow spam samples through when sent to specified abuse addresses. So I need another vector via which to send LARTs and hence wonder whether I can add an abuse address appropriate to a mailto link on which SC hasn't picked up to the list of recipients to which SC sends a LART?
  3. Thanks. There was a slight hiccough in deleting the Facebook account in that my mail server bounced the confirmation message they sent to reset the password, but I managed to recover the message from my server logs. The account has been deactivated and will be permanently deleted in 14 days. While this should resolve my particular case, it doesn't solve the general problem of invalid abuse addresses - but I guess that's a battle I won't be able to win! WRT the phishing scams apparently from Facebook, I've received a lot of those. The links in phishing attempts go to somewhere other than facebook.com. So I'm confident that the messages to which I referred up-thread are from Facebook. Thanks again
  4. Many thanks. The best I could do was search for "abuse" and find the FAQ article that gave a link which it claimed you can use to report abuse should you not have a facebook account. However, the link in that FAQ took me straight back to the logon page! The form to which your link took me requires me to identify the Facebook profile of the imposter. Unfortunately, to do that seems to require me to be logged on as I can't apparently use the search otherwise. For info, I've just gone back through the messages that I've been receiving (attached to the notifications that my mail server generates) and found an unsubscribe link that didn't ask me to log on to the unauthorised account. So at least I hope I've been able to unsubscribe from notifications. Nonetheless, it irks me that somehow someone's managed to sign up a "closed" mailing list when no "click here to activate" message was received at that address. Geoff
  5. Not strictly Spamcop-related, but they are bouncing mail to their registered abuse addresses... I'm on the committee of a local community group and have set up an e-mail distribution list for the committee to be able to communicate between meetings. The committee e-mail address is closed (i.e. only list members may post to it). Somebody has created a Facebook account for that email address, so I'm now getting a trickle of messages from Facebook about the account and also people asking to become "Facebook Friends". Since I've no idea who created the account, and the person who did hasn't 'fessed up, I can't access the account name or password to be able to delete it. So the only thing I could think of was to write to the abuse addresses for Facebook.com, explain the issue, and ask that they delete the account. Using "whois -h whois.abuse.net" to obtain abuse addresses for facebook.com and for facebookmail.com returns two addresses: abuse[at]facebook.com and postmaster[at]facebook.com. So that's where I sent my message. Several days later I got replies back stating that those addresses are no longer available. The reply contained several links, but I can't use them as they all redirect to Facebook's logon page and I don't have a Facebook account. However, the reply came from abuse+0cjj0rn[at]support.facebook.com, so I resent my message to that address together with an explanation of why I was writing to them. Today I got another message from abuse+0cjj0rn[at]support.facebook.com saying that address was also no longer available with the same set of useless links. Using whois, it seems that Facebook's registrars are markmonitor.com - but I don't know if that's their upstream providers and thus whether e-mailing them would do any good. Also, I don't know whether having a valid abuse address is an ICANN requirement and so whether I have just cause to complain to them. It seems ridiculous that such an organisation, who by their very nature would be a likely vector for abuse, don't have valid abuse addresses. So I'd like to pursue this further and hence would appreciate advice on how to proceed. TIA, Geoff
  6. Yes - but that didn't give me any clues that mailhost config might be to blame. To get the info necessary to make my edit, I had to root around elsewhere. However, I'm now fairly sure that my mailhost config is to blame - but I don't know what I have to do to correct this: hence the question at the end of my post. Geoff
  7. (Note to mods: it might be worthwhile moving this to the "mailhosts" forum) Sorry if this has been covered before. I did try to search but the board search engine <fe>helpfully</fe> refused my query on the grounds that one or all of my key words were below four characters. I did try to quote the phrase, but to no avail - and "no" and "IP" are crucial to my query! Spamcop has been unable to process the last half dozen or so pieces of spam that have made it through to my inbox because "No source IP address found, cannot proceed." the latest that I've tried to report was: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2725673310zf...baee80b8363388z Has Spammy found a way to neutralize Spamcop, or is the lack of IP address something to do with my SMTP server? Edited to add: While mooching around the main Spamcop site, I noticed something about mailhosts. Checking that forum reveals that this is a common problem where a user's MX records have changed, which mine have. However, the instructions for configuring mailhosts are confusing for me since my setup has the following characteristics: 7 domains, each of which has the same inbound SMTP servers but with the first priority aliased to mail[at]domain. I'm using wildcarded addresses. For example, I give a unique address to each vendor who asks for my email address. These all start with a particular string and I've configured my server to accept mail addressed to any username that starts with that string except those that I've blacklisted. From the above, I have an infinite number of email addresses - and the instructions say that I must configure mailhosts for each email address that might receive spam So, do I just need to configure mailhosts for one address, one address per domain, or all possible addresses? TIA, Geoff
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