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  1. So i have the sender verification extension on thunderbird: http://taubz.for.net/code/spf/ and i noticed that the accepted for proccessing emails fail the SFP lookup. Not just the usual "server does not support sfp", it actually does, but the emails fail. Not good for a spam fighting site to be failing SFP.
  2. Why doesnt Spamcop use the information they recieve from the spam reports to create a URL RBL? It seems it would be a great tool, as the reporting mechanism already parses out url's in spam reports and Spamassassin already supports URL RBL Lookups. -Mike
  3. If you dont know, TinyURL allows a long URL to be shortened to the form: http://tinyurl.com/7tdqy Spammers have started using this to mask their spammed URL. Currently, TinyURL and its ISP get the spam reports. How hard would it be to have the engine follow the redirect from tinyURL URL's it sees and instead report on the redirected URL? -Mike
  4. Ok that sounds good. Any chance anyone out there knows how to set spamassassin to only add headers and not modify the original message?
  5. Ok it accepted it but it now has an error when parsing. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z776803301zb2...eedfc00a622540z I forwarded the spamassassin message. With Thunderbird, when i open the original message (attached to spamassassin's ), i dont have the option to forward that message to spamcop. -Mike
  6. The spam that got tagged by spamassassin had the original message attached to it. I forwarded the message as an attachment (thunderbird) to spamcop and it bounced back saying it couldnt find the spam in the message.
  7. I have spamassassin on my hosting company, and i have full control over that, i tried to forward spam that spamassassin tagged as spam to spamcop, but it wasnt working. Should i just ignore anything spamassassin tags as spam and only forward stuff it miss's? -Mike
  8. http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/331.html Note that it says skip_rbl_check 1 Am i missing something? dont i want RBL to check my spam? -Mike Binns
  9. Ditto, its been happening to me http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z744759969z29...4e70e5114f23e3z is the latest one. No explination, it simply does not report
  10. Ok so when you are reporting like 40 spams in a row, it would be nice to have one click per report instead of the current 2. I propose a checkbox at the bottom of the spam details page that, when checked, would make it so the spam was submitted and you are taken straight to the next spam report. The simplest way to accomplish this is to have a checkbox at the bottom of that details page. When this checkbox is selected and you click either submit spam or cancel, the page that handles that submission sees that checkbox and 1) updates the cookie to auto check the box until it is unchecked, and 2) adds java scri_pt to the results page to redirect the page to the next spam after 1 second (gives the user time to see the details of the submission if they so wish.) -Mike
  11. Ok i started getting a repeat "hot teens preteens gay" email and it has 13 links in it, but when i submit it, spamcop says "too many links" so it doesnt do ANYTHING with the links. I have been editing the text of the email and cutting out half of them, submitting the email, and then submitting it again with the other half taken out. What gives? Can you up the number of links that spamcop can take on at once? its only like 8 now and if spammers catch wind of this, they will simply put a bunch of links in and then they are free of worry from spamcop.
  12. sorry about that, i copied the text right out of the spamcop page, it called it a tracking link and i didnt change it.
  13. Got the following error: Tracking link: http:// what.phillysayswhat. biz/ 736460/ chws/fullpage.php No recent reports, no history available got sigalarm, taking too long to process, aborted. Perhaps you can wait a few minutes and reload? Any suggestions?
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