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  1. Thanks for the responses! I think it'd be useful for users to know how likely a particular IP address is a spam source instead of a go/no-go decision so we can set our own thresholds, but I described that before. Thanks! Harold
  2. I've been using SpamCop with sendmail for many years. As I understand it, SpamCop returns an accept/reject response based on the ratio of spam reports to queries (like the one my spamcop is sending). A lot of reports in proportion to the number of queries indicates a spammer, while a small number indicates someone is not a spammer. What I'd like to see is for SpamCop to return the actual ratio or a score that we can use to evaluate whether to accept the connection from this IP address or not. Looking at my logs, I see a lot of spam being rejected based on the SC block list, but a lot is still getting through. I'm thinking that maybe I can make the rejection threshold a little lower so more stuff gets rejected. Right now, I have no access to that threshold. But, if a score were returned instead, each mail user could set their reject ratio. Does this sound reasonable? Is it already running, maybe? Thanks! Harold
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