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  1. we have 2 "mail" servers, one our "mail relay", this is a server which relays the domains we have in our organizations, (Thats why i use Mail relay and on our IT department everybody then knows about which server we talk about ) and scans the incoming and outgoing massages, the messages that are allowed and are clean then send to our internal Exchange. We can send not to al our users needs because they use spamcop.net as blacklist
  2. yes that was last week, then there was an attack from china on our mail relay, then we have reloaded the OS on the mail relay to be sure there was no backdoor on that server and checked every client and server in the internal lan and checked every server in our DMZ. Al servers and clients came out clean. And now spamcop says we have misdirected bounce messages and the spam where he talks about is from last week.
  3. Hi, We are blacklisted with as IP. We did al the things SpamCop advised for removal from the block. It will take another 18 hours before SpamCop remove us from the blacklist. How can I be removed from the blacklist so our users can mail again ? Greetz, M.Wijkhuisen
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