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  1. ok, I gonna try out Knujon and keep spamcop for quickreport only :X
  2. I know the spammers won't give a damn to any report, but this kind of url translate and tracing ususally result in sending report to ISP, because spam site won't set up any mail contact within their configuration, or the site just sitting on another botnet, and I do have received spam site sitting in my local ISP, and my local ISP do take action on this kind of report,
  3. I know, this is the second time I missed click on the send report button, when I wake up in the morning and get tens of spam in box waiting for send out to report, this kind of url just hidden in one of them, I used to send in batch, open them all, look around, send report, look around, send report, look around and send ... wait, god damn I missed that, that's why I'd rather spamcop get parsing exception around this, seems admin say this is impossible for them, so I have drop it to another category
  4. but thunderbird parse the url complete correct, I think SpamCop should take a look around it, I got more and more mail in this url format :< http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2863545090z2...52723629cd0e1dz
  5. I submit a spam contain a link look like this http://kkoi99.net/3589yu0hbirwpihwr/#mKuhZnA[at]http://msn.com but spamcop report service only parsed out this Tracking link: http://msn.com/ well, this result in false link tracking and fire report to wrong person, this is my report result http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2850294741z0...f115b8801b2e0fz who should I contact with this parsing issue? :<
  6. I have set up my first mailhost "andcycle[at]andcycle.idv.tw" as root, I am a registered user at sourceforge, sf forward mail to "andcycle-sf[at]andcycle.idv.tw", so I set up my second mailhost "andcycle[at]users.sourceforge.net", this is my setup
  7. I use courier as my mail server, and using part of it's aliases function, quiet like gmail style, here is a example, I set up a mail account "myname[at]myserver.somewhere", all mail send to "myname-<wildcard>[at]myserver.somewhere" will go to "myname[at]myserver.somewhere", Courier aliases explanation can be found here http://www.usenet-forums.com/courier-imap/...like-gmail.html Gmail aliases explanation can be found here http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer....mp;answer=12096 how do I set up Mailhosts for this situation? does only set up "myname[at]myserver.somewhere" do the work? or I have to set up all "myname-<blablabla>[at]myserver.somewhere"?
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