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  1. ... Were you saying that SC´s admins have broader view and past experience, etc? I think it´s time for them to step in to light and clarify ordinary users like me about that.
  2. Look, well, maybe this discussion is a bit broader ("living and learning" so to speak) when it comes to SC´s admins behavior towards Brazil specifically. For them, I would suggest a look at this URL: http://www.cgi.br/internacional/index.htm I don´t get why is being so hard to convince people around here to copy mail-abuse[at]nic.br or cert[at]cert.br.
  3. I just would express that I'm totally disappointed with SC not getting mail-abuse[at]nic and cert[at]cert.br copied for the crap coming from [datacorpore.com.br] or whatever at the BR networks. My daily count on sh*t coming from this particular network is around 6. No IP seems to be blocked anywhere. :angry: They just laugh at us! Sometimes I'm forced to face the reality of SC being just a waste of time. Seriously, let's face it!
  4. Miss Betsy, If we could get all [datacorpore.com.br] reports copied to mail-abuse[at]nic and cert[at]cert.br, as they should, that would be great. That´s one point. I insist that a broader scope is needed. That already happened to abuse[at]gvt.net.br, I think. All reports hitting abuse[at]gvt.net.br get some Telefonica backbone copies. [datacorpore.com.br] is at least 2 layers down the road to a major overseas backbone provider. Those datacenters, backbone operators are publicly traded companies. Brasiltelecom/Oi Telemar is. They certainly have some sort of corporate policy in place but can´t do much of a battle against abusive behaviour lacking the legal ground tools to make it. And I always remember all those companies making money out of anti-spam products, just like the whole virus industry does. What´s the point of doing an effective anti-spam effort? Anyway,
  5. The whole point of this thread of mine is to convince SC´s admins to broaden the scope of some of their reports. In the case of [datacorpore.com.br] and their partners in crime, we should at least get mail-abuse[at]nic.br + cert[at]cert.br informed plus their datacenter operator, meaning, BrasilTelecom. Companies like BrasilTelecom, Oi/Telemar and the likes must feel the heat as their traffic get aggressively blocked. And SpamCop isn´t doing nearly enough to help us in that sense. We´re simply wasting our time reporting to abuse[at]datacorpore.com.br or whatever[at]datacorpore.com.br solely.
  6. I have a few (very important) comments to make on all of this. On SnowBat´s comment about hospedagemdesites/locaweb.com.br specifically, they suffer from a huge client base too and seems they have lost hand dealing with a growing abusive base. Must be pretty tough to act against wide spread abuse from inside countries like Brazil deprived of legal grounds to deal with. Back to [datacorpore.com.br], their real name or at least main domain is [hostgold.com.br]. They seem to have partnered with cjbhost.(com, net).br, running things like "watch replicas", "your new shampoo miracle" and "mailing lists services". "cjbhost" I know for a fact is a convicted spammer as I was contacted a few (years!) ago by a representative of yet another network operator "cjbhost" was operating from at that time asking if I could help them in their legal actions against "cjbhost" by means of providing spam evidences. "cjbhost" moved on, as we see now, to "Brasiltelecom" in hopes (they) won´t do much effort to stop them. Furthermore, local registration for the company behind domains [datacorpore.com.br / hostgold.com.br] looks very suspicious, being nowhere near a big city centre. They certainly can´t run anything from that address. As I said above, I take this situation very seriously as more and more networks in Brazil are being built "spam-ready"; take as yet another example, abuse[at]embratel.net.br which stopped receiving complaints. Not to mention Brasiltelecom operations merged with Oi/Telemar creating a giant spam backbone. Bottom line is that´s pretty much done deal for spammers (on their favor). Ain´t much we can do about it unless sit and watch. Regards, Fernando.
  7. Had two spams reported this morning to abuse[at]datacorpore.com.br instead of contato[at]datacorpore.com.br. SpamCop used "best contacts" this time around. Thank you. Still, I do think mail-abuse[at]nic.br and cert[at]cert.br are good addresses to be copied as well. Those addresses are for statistic purposes, I think. If I got it right, domain datacorpore.com.br is very likely to get high on their public lists of most active spam sources and hosts in Brazil. Take a look at this URL: http://www.antispam.br/estatisticas/ I´ll keep an eye on it. Last resort is to add their upstream provider. Regards, Fernando.
  8. Dear Lou, Thank you for your reply. I think we should maybe skip "contato", "abuse" or whatever [at] datacorpore.com.br and add mail-abuse[at]nic.br, cert[at]cert.br which are "statistical" addresses for the short term and mainly add some upstream provider abuse desk to it. Regarding you being a bit cautious about my real intent, take a look at this URL [ http://pabx.datacorpore.com.br/site/Contato ] which is advertised contact info for this operation. Please consider this: 1) This is serious matter. I wouldn´t be wasting my work time to write it. 2) As I said, more and more spammers are moving to this safe haven. I bet they have good reasons for that. 3) SC users like me are wasting time and SC´s resources. Looking forward to read from you again, Fernando.
  9. Hello there! There are some spam gangs operating via this (so called) " hosting service ", domain [ datacorpore.com.br ]. Some seasoned spammers moved there and I see more and more of this trend. I would already consider it yet another Brazilian safe haven. They do however offer a "Security Office / Abuse" reporting address [abuse[at]datacorpore.com.br]. SpamCop isn´t using it at the moment. And that´s my point. All reports are being sent to [contato[at]datacorpore.com.br], the whois contacts and that´s simply a waste of time and resources. I would certainly have added to the SpamCop reports yet, mail-abuse[at]nic.br, plus cert[at]cert.br and possibly the upstream provider to [ datacorpore.com.br ]. What do we do about that? Thank you.