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  1. Gasp! And still it goes on! 5 months on from the 1st post and still mail is being rejected. I'm so glad that I'm a paying member of Spamcop rather than using my ISP's free email service
  2. November and still sending to hotmail addresses is rejected. Is it not reasonable for those of us who pay for this service to have an explanation as why this situation persists? Surely, the Spamcop FAQs have always said that, if you are having your mail blocked then don't blame Spamcop - talk to your sending ISP, as it is their problem. Are Spamcop users really subscribing to a spammy email service ... ?
  3. It looks like this is still going on - I'm still getting mail to Hotmail addresses rejected when sent via SMTP. Like appyface, I depend on the SMTP server for my outgoing mail so this is becoming a real issue to me. Surely the IP should now have been removed from the blocklist, or has the spamming reoccurred?