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  1. Just an update, just now all the emails are now coming in, so the emails must have been stored _somewhere_ as the dns refreshed on spamcop end im thinking.
  2. ahh ok... to be specific the domain in question is mtr.co.nz the MX for mtr.co.nz is interspeed (which is our hosting provider)... at interspeed, we are doing a forward to our spamcop.net emails (we have 1 for each of our staff) mtr1 -> mtr4 from here, we are forwarding them onto the appropriate [at]filter.mtr.co.nz (which MX is pointing to our servers IP [this is what changed]).
  3. hmm yeah, its not this address thats doing it btw... this is the scenario of how emails in our situation go: client ( -> host provider ( -> spamcop ( -> our server ( our server ( went down last night (NZDT), and now is not accessable at all _ie_ ISP has nolonger assigned that IP address anywhere, so SMTP will NOT be working / accepting any emails. the situation now is: client ( -> host provider ( -> spamcop ( -> our server ( however, the dns entries are still in process of being refresed world wide (takes a cpl hours)... however, my question was... between the time that "our server" changed from to what happened to the emails? if was not accessable, should they have been bounced back all the way to the client? or, to our provider? or stored on spamcop?
  4. Hi, I a spamcop account, and I am currently using it to forward to our hosted email server using the email forwarding functionality in spamcop. Last night, our ISP changed the static ip for our machine, which ment that the forwarded email server would not be accessable (until I update DNS). Because of this change, what has happened to these emails? I was under the impression that they would be held on spamcop somewhere, until I release them if they could not be forwarded on.... is this not the case? I did not get any bounce emails back from spamcop either, so what has happend to the emails? Again, to sum up, we are just using the forwarded email option, to forward emails to our [at]spamcop.net address to our own email server, but our email server was unaccessible for awhile... what has happened to our emails that could not be sent? Thanks Antonio
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