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  1. Thanks Jeff. I don't believe you indicate the Root Directory setting in your FAQ, but it's possible that I missed it. Anyway, everything is showing up fine now. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the guess. That's what I thought. But there IS spam in the Held mail folder, visible through the Web interface. I can't personally move it to the Held fodler (if that's what you meant by "move") until it actually shows up as a folder... In the meantime, two questions about forwarding spam that slips through: is it possible to forward to a QuickReport handler, rather than deal with each forwarded piece of spam with the lengthy one-by-one reports? I can't possibly take the time to respond to each of these... I'm getting really behind now, and it'd be great if there were a QuickReport interface that would knock them all out. For now I only seem to be able to use QuickReports by Web on mail caught in the Held folder. The second question is really just asking for confirmation of the obvious -- forwarding several spams in one eMail wouldn't/shouldn't work, right? OK, a third while I'm at it -- but I'll post elsewhere if need be: it appears as though people are able to access/manipulate their BLs and WLs; is there indeed someplace I can find what I've blacklisted and whitelisted to this point? Danke in advance, folks -- A.
  3. Greetings: Very new to SpamCop, and this is the first exposure I've had to using the IMAP protocol to manage mail -- but after using Jeff's step-by-step IMAP FAQ for Outlook, the "Held" mail folder doesn't show under the IMAP group as the FAQ describes it should. I've tried downloading and searching for folders on the server by various methods, to no avail; I've also checked to be sure there is actually mail IN the held folder using the Web interface, which it does. Still, Outlook can't seem to find it. Any ideas?
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