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  1. Oh definitely I have alternate communications routes for potential customers. But, as you said, email isn't always as reliable as people think it is and sadly many people think it's bullet-proof and don't think to pick up a phone when it gets bounced back to them. Or, they just sit there and wonder why the email (that appeared to go through and never came back) never got replied to and it just doesn't occur to them that they could re-send it. interesting world we live in....
  2. Time for a giant sigh. You mention a crap shoot. That's about right. I just tested sending multiple email in rapid succession and indeed, some go through, a few don't. They then went through (as you suggest forced through by another route). It appears the problem is not as severe as before but still present. I'll have to get in touch with these guys but I'm not sure what it'll accomplish. I truly wish there were choices for isp's in this area but it's pretty much them or sympatico. Any time sympatico has had problems, the first thing out of supports mouth is 'it sounds like you have a virus or your computer needs reformatting'. I go tired of that and switched. In the long run, what most bothers me is not my personal email. As I said, I'm a wedding photographer in a city that's known for weddings. My website is hosted with a reliable server (not cogeco obviously). My site host is pretty strict as it should be, even wiping clean customers from the server who violate spam and usage rules. The thing that bothers me is I wonder how many of my potential customers who use cogeco for their personal email, are trying to email me to hire me and get the bounce back message or worse, the email seems to end up in limbo. I have friends in the business who occasionally get phone calls as to why email is never replied to. Well, it never arrived. thanks for all the effort anyway
  3. I haven't been back since around the 26/27'th of Sept., the problem seems to have been all cleared up. I only came back today as I was scrolling through my list of old bookmarks. I know you're trying to help here but lame as it may seem, this is all Greek to me. If you're saying that cogeco handles things improperly and there's something that I could bring to their attention, then I could probably do so. I don't know if they would really care about any info I'd provide them (I'm just a 'customer'), but if you think it could help them and by extension me as their customer, I'd send it off. So, what exactly should I tell them if anything? How would I know if there still is any problem waiting to blow up like last time and if I even should be passing on any info? thanks
  4. I thought that's the way these things were supposed to be handled long before it would ever get to this point. It almost makes me miss my days with Sympatico. Though, I did get tired of always hearing the first thing out of their mouths..'it sounds like you have a virus'. Cogeco's been better, till now. P.S., I apologize if it appears I was shooting the messenger here but that's just the way these bouncebacks looked to me (sc was the culprit) and that's where cogeco's been laying the blame. The real irony of this? A few days ago I remarked to my wife that we haven't had any real spam to think of in I can't remember how long. I thought, 'hey, someone's doing something right'. I should have kept my bloody mouth shut.
  5. I may have given the impression that I laid no blame whatsoever with cogeco, but that wasn't meant to be the case. When I first reported the problem days ago, they actually tried to lay the blame with my webhoster. This is because someone emailed my business and got a bounce back and informed me of it. My webhoster was not impressed either. The reason I come to 'moan about this' here is because I'd never seen a spamcop link in a bounce back and being not so tech savvy in this area couldn't figure out what they had to do with the issue. By the way, the first address was the original problem, got 'fixed' yesterday and then the problem recurred with the second one. That may explain your investigating efforts regarding traffic flow on one vs. the other. Update... Now I'm back to getting bouncebacks with the first address in it (ending in .29). Cogeco blames spamcop, here the general tone is it's cogeco. Either way I and thousands of people have our email crippled. There has to be a better system out there.
  6. The reason I mention my business is that for the most part, blocks seem to happen if they go from a cogeco account to certain addresses (one of them my business) but not so often if going to another cogeco subscriber for instance. My business hoster is not blacklisted, nor is my site/mail. My personal (current) ip address is not blocked by spamcop or anyone and there would never be a reason for it as my computers are clean. If you'd like to know why I think spamcop is blocking cogeco, (I know you're in Australia so do a search on cogeco in ontario, canada and you'll see it's not some two-bit minor web hoster) is because the bounce backs specifically name their addresses.... and with this reasoning...5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'"JunkMail rejected - smtp3.cogeco.ca (fipsb03.cogeco.net) []\nis in an RBL And there's a link to Spamcop with some sort of explanation that if I am the isp administrator that I can dispute this and have it delisted. So, by reading this, I'm supposed to think it's whose fault now that I'm in my fifth day of sporadic email service? When someone with a personal cogeco account sends an email to my or anyone else's business or even to another account (eg hotmail, gmail etc.) and gets a bounce back saying spamcop has cogeco on their blacklist, and lists their address, I'm not supposed to think that spamcop's blocking them?
  7. OK, I don't want to start any fights here, but I wonder who the genius is that's cause my ISP (not my personal IP address) to be blocked? Not just any ISP, but Cogeco. For four days now, some of my emails (and the emails of I don't know how many thousands of customers that Cogeco serves) go through, some don't, telling me that my ISP, Cogeco, is on the blacklist. Best part? Still hasn't been resolved. That's just wonderful. Do you know how much business I could potentially lose in four days when my potential customer gets a bounce back with the words 'junk mail rejected', 'blocked', and a link to spamcop in it? Some may be savvy enough to figure out Cogeco's been blocked, others may assume it's the website they're trying to contact (me). All I've been hearing from Cogeco for three days now is it's not their fault, they're trying to resolve it and in whose hands is it to resolve?....I'm guessing Spamcop. Am I wrong? I dunno. I really don't know how these things work but a mess like this you'd think would get fixed and fixed quickly. And while you're at it, could you make sure that you can't block an entire ISP again? Bloody freaking outrageous. And don't give me the 'we're only human and make mistakes' stuff. Yup, we all make 'em, but four days to fix 'em? C'mon already!!! PS, I'm not new to forums. I participate in many and learn and teach alot. I know they're mostly made up of users and not normally perused by the hosts (eg, spamcop) but I thought I'd just let someone, anyone know that I'm not at all impressed by this latest pile of dog doo.
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