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  1. Firstly I would like to thank all of you that replied, I only just received the first e-mail notification about replies, that is why I was silent - as someone questioned my lack of response. Firstly I would like to thank Don for his kind offer and I have sent him the relevant details. Re: T-Shirt Wearing Out's - Miss Betsy 2 replies. Thank you for your response, stimulating. I am unsure what you mean by my IP address sending direct mails to the internet; I have a wireless modem at this side and I currently use my 2 home page servers to send and receive e-mails. Regarding the IP address I was only aware of what it was from today, so I can only assume it was the same as before my trip, I really don't know. I can still send some mails to places where I have sent for a while, it is just a few that e-mails are being rejected by the receipt servers of companies that I only recently started business with. So it seem I am not shut out by the ISP as you seem to have inferred. Regarding becoming a responsible internet user; I having used computers since the late 1970's and the internet since the mid 1980's; that was a period before all the nut cases and crazy money seekers came out of there closets were everything was governed by manners, it seems the manics are the ones who need to be responsible users; blacklisting the IP address of responsible users while the spam professions just change or mask their IP more often than some people change their socks is like using a plaster to stop blood gushing from an artery. Driving, well almost 40 years and no issues, I have a gold drivers licence by the way. Thank you very much for your thoughts. Sincerely, Steven
  2. Suddently for some reason I had difficultly sending e-mails to a company I am dealing with. In there return mail there was mention of an outfit called Barracuda networks. I checked what my I.P. address was using http://whatismyipaddress.com/ and found that it is on 6 blacklists including SpamCop. One site psbl.surriel.com showed a list of spam reports from my IP for October 7. This is interesting because I wasn't in this country and no one had access to my computers during Oct.7 and 14, can be proven by passport stamps. I am judging this listing on the above 6 sites as being a case of Harassment as; 1) I am a normal home owner with no bulk e-mailings or spamming activity; 2) I was out of the country during the period listed on one of the sites (the stamps in my passport prove this). I fully support any effort to wipe out spam, but if that intrudes upon peoples rights and is harassment then you are taking the effort into illegal arenas and are yourselves in-the-wrong. The TV networks will surely be interested in this micky mouse approach to wiping out spam I am sure. As the spam professionals can simply reset their IP's whenever they want, this makes the system of IP blacklisting flawed as a means of catching spam. I also question not only the legality of these lists but also validity. I have had my e-mail address spoofed so I am now checking if IP spoofing is common. The situation is very simple this listing is wrongful blame and harassment and I plan to take action against any company that illegally lists my IP. As I couldn't find an e-mail to write to I am posting my complaint in the forum. Steven Japan. [edit - merged from Instructions/Tutorials - sending PM]
  3. I am a private home owner and don't have any bulk mailings or spam originating at my IP. Yet today I found mail being bounced back from a company I deal with, it had a link to Barracudanetworks which showed my IP address listed as poor. I check my IP address through Google and then found SpamCop also has my IP address listed as Poor. In total I found 4 such services also have my IP address listed as poor; the rest are normal. One such service showed about 15 spams from my IP address on October 7. Actually I was not in the country on that day and for the last 10 days was on an overseas trip. Thus I am confused WHY Spamcop has illegally listed my IP address, this would come under defamation in a court of law. I issued a mail to Barracudanetworks and they have now delisted my IP address. I do intend to take some legal action if they list my IP again. Any advice on this issue why SpamCop listed my IP address as poor would be welcome. While stamping out spam is in everyones interest, harassment of law abiding citizens is illegal. Thank you, Steven Japan
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