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  1. Yes and I appreciate that. But we are not a small company which didn't know about such things. We are certified by much more standards than somebody would believe. IT Security is one of our major purposes and so you can imagine how much trouble there will be if you although got on a blacklist. I hope Don could say us, why we are on this blacklist, but I don't think he will do. Additional we were testing the iron port product (thats because we integrate the test.xxx.de subdomain) and the same time we got on this blacklist... Very strange.
  2. Excuse me that I will not discuss here with you if we should need email in a essential way or not. If we wouldn't use alternatives there would be much more trouble than you could believe because of such a forum post. Don't be angry but this is not the topic of this thread.
  3. Thank you very much for that mail address. 15 hours is a big problem for us... Yes thats it. I contacted Don. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I read in the FAQ: "The SpamCop blocklist lists only IPs that are sending spam; the blocklist does not list email addresses or domain names. It does not list for missing or incorrect DNS/rDNS" There were send no spam from us, we know definitely which mail adds our IP on the block list and who was the recipient. And the only different thing to all the other sent mails was a "Return Path" to the sub domain foo.bar[at]test.xxx.xx instead of foo.bar[at]xxx.xx. I don't know how this could happen if a listing takes no place by incorrect/missing dns records.
  5. Hello, due to a misconfiguration of an internal sub domain, which should never be seen in public because it has no dns record, we seem to be blacklisted on the spamcop list. We solved the problem immediatly yesterday and delisted ourselves. But because of mails with the wrong sub domain which were stored in the mail queue and delivered after that we were blacklisted a second time. Now we are not able to remove our IP again. We are a company and it is really essential for us to send mails to our customers, which is now not given more or less. Could you please remove us? I will send you the IP address, if you give me a contact.
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