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  1. Someone has been using my domain for a number of months now and I receive thousands of bounced emails daily. I have noticed that the Return-Path on the bounces have a diamond symbol and not a valid email address. Is there a good way to filter out these bounces and basically create a filter that says that if the return path is invalid, then it will place in the trash? Any help with filter setup would be great. Is there a doc to read about the higher up commands? Thank you, Adam
  2. I am new to Spamcop and had a question regarding its operation. I signed up for the service to stop the bounces I receive from people using my domain name illegally. I use namesecure as my domain host, and I have simply set it up to forward to Spamcop. I then have spamcop forward to my ISP address..... I am using to filters in the webmail program to filter out addresses "from" postmaster, AOL, and other MAILER-DAEMON addresses. It seems that if you use spamcop to simply forward your email, that the filters you manually set up do not function. Can someone verify the order of operations that spamcop uses. If I am using the forwarding service and it neglects to check the rules in the mailbox, then what use is this service besides its backside spam blocking. Thank you.
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