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  1. I do forward all spam to that address. It does do good, as it is stored and made available to law enforcement agencies and states' attorneys general when they are preparing to take action. Maybe. I forward to that address when I forward to the SpamCop submit address. You should also be aware that for some hosts, the address SpamCop has listed as the abuse address...
  2. For two days now, I have not had a single error, delay, or time out. It looks like it may be past... thanks to the staff for getting it worked out.
  3. Don, Just remember, train wrecks are really cool to watch - as long as you aren't the one responsible for: 1) keeping the train on the rails to begin with 2) repairing the tracks afterward 3) environmental cleanup 4) the one with their cargo or loved ones (or themselves) on the train
  4. No, that appears to be a design/usability issue. To get to the forums from the SpamCop home page you need to click the "Site map" link (probably in the upper right corner of the page), then from the site map under the "help" heading you will find "forum." That link will get you here.
  5. I could be reading too much into the reports from Don D, but it sounded to me like the suspension statement you (and others) got was an error related to the various problems going on currently...
  6. I expect that's an error on how the email you sent to SpamCop was formatted. You may need to forward as an attachment or check to see if something may be inserted between header and body in the forwarded message - or even how the spam message may be encapsulated in the email you are sending... I'm sure there's help somewhere in the forums on this topic (but I haven't actually looked)...
  7. Similarly, I was just able to get through the twenty-odd pieces of spam I sent in this morning, but stuff submitted yesterday seems to have disappeared.
  8. Well, no sooner had I posted this than the gateway started sending notifications again. but now it's back to this: My experience has been that this started on June 30, but I see from reading this that people were having this issue prior to that. And, between episodes of timeouts and other errors, I have had periods where reporting works fine.
  9. I also have not had spam sent through the email gateway acknowledged since some time yesterday afternoon.
  10. Yeah, I can dig one out of my sent items, but there is a whole thread on that in particular (which I found after making my comment here). Forum info about truncating excessive headers
  11. Cool. Thanks for the information. I was just curious if this spammer was being ignored. It is good to hear that at least their poor behavior is putting them at risk of getting their IP blacklisted. Thanks.
  12. OK. I don't have one at the moment, but I should tomorrow or Monday when they spam again...
  13. I am curious if reports are actually processed and sent on when the reporting addresses are "not-spam-sourceforgelist[at]don.spamcop.net?" The prolific spammers from up0.net appear to select *unsubscribed* email addresses to seed their spam lists, then send unwanted messages several times a week to those users. However, when these messages are reported, the email address listed for reports on both the links in the message and the originating IP address is not-spam-sourceforgelist[at]don.spamcop.net
  14. Another similar thing I have observed, though I do not know whether it is happening to 'defeat' Spamcop, are messages with so many extra junk header lines and so many addresses stuffed into the To: and CC: fields that when the message is truncated by Spamcop to 50k, there isn't any message left, so Spamcop won't generate reports...
  15. I have a (hopefully) simple question about the option to report a single address on the report spam form. I've searched around the site quite a bit over the past several months, and have not been able to find anything, though I had expected it to be covered. Anyway, when you enter a single email address into the Report spam form and click Process spam, you get a page that looks a lot like the report page when you submit a message, but it does not have the option to Send Reports. Does this actually send any reports, or does it just report the contact email address(es) for the mail server in question for use outside the SpamCop system?
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