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    Anti-spam Software Advice

    I'd rather not have the companies e-mail being filtered through a 3rd party I'm afraid, thanks for the suggestion though! It's not that the boss doesn't want anything on localhost, they are just too cheap to buy the hardware to make it happen. The application server here only holds a small database and could easily be split purpose if required. Cheers for the responses so far.
  2. Stevieb

    Anti-spam Software Advice

    Hi all! Just now my work e-mail accounts attract a silly amount of spam, I'm taking hundreds per day. I can't do anything server side as our hosts are living in the dark ages when it comes to hosting and the boss doesn't want to host ourselves here. I have tried various ad-on filters, but none are that robust. The Outlook filters are great, they filter all the spam but they also filter most of my good mail to, so it's not very helpful. the nature of my work e-mails mean that no matter what I do a high number of good mails get filtered as junk or spam. What I would ideally like to do, is have something sitting here in the office acting as a filter. For example, I have a spare application server sitting here, if I could install something there that would act as a mail client, download and filter mail, then on the office PCs I have them download the mail from the server instead of our actual mail server. I would just send direct from the mail server so that's no problem. Any ideas or suggestions? Or is this all a bit of a pipe dream? Thanks guys Steve