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  1. I have pulled out the switch wich was in the wireless router, cause I think somebody has taken my password. I am not listed on spamcop and hopefully will not be listed anymore. If i will be listed, i will give the complete Outlook Express error code.
  2. I'm being blocked for 2 months now, and don't know what to do. Sometimes I can send mail through Outlook Express, but 90% of the mails I send, I get a error: 0x800ccc79. This very annoying, because I have a company and sending no mail, is no communication between the costumers. I have formated and reinstalled my computer, got Norton on it, malware bytes anti malware and ad aware. I can;t find threats if I am scanning my computer. I am also using a wireless router, which has a password on it which only I know. I have called my provider several times, and they have told me that I should contact spamcop, and if I contact spamcop, they tell me to contact my provider. So please can somebody help me, cause this is very very annoying. Ahmed
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