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  1. There you are. I guess you didn't get my e-mail b/c now no one is getting my mail But what I'm saying is how do you know it's not b/c of all the spam I sent to Spamcop that suddenly out of the blue Colo is being labled as sending spam? I've been with them for 4 years & this has never happened before. Then I start with SC & suddenly they are sending out spam? That's too much of a coincidence IMO. I also stopped forwarding e-mails about 36 hours ago. All very strange. Thanks Don Michelle
  2. Ok, I'm trying to be calm about this, but I'm very upset. I already wrote to Don & haven't received a response back. A few weeks ago I decided to finally take the plunge & start forwarding spam to spam cop. I had Don also help me to set it up so it's faster & easier for me, so we set up my hosting company & gmail. Then I started to forward my spam mail as an attachment to spam Cop. I do get a lot of spam every day, but I started to notice that I may be getting more. I decided if I'm getting more & what people say is correct, that it doesn't really stop people from spamming b/c they are using other people's computers, I should just stop. It was worth a try. Then TODAY, a biz associate said they weren't getting my e-mails. An e-mail I sent to a 2nd biz associate came back undeliverable. Then the first person's e-mails all started coming back undeliverable & that's when I noticed the error message. It said... <Brittany.Strange[at]supermedia.com>: host mx1.supermedia.com[] said: 550 5.2.1 Mailbox unavailable. Your IP address is blacklisted using SPAMCOP. Details: Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? (in reply to RCPT TO command) I was TERRIBLY shocked & disappointed that Spamcop would do this to me. How do I get my domain, my hosting company, or IP address OFF the list asap! Thank you Michelle
  3. Ok, so I go to sign up & have had nothing but problems. 1. I get an e-mail w/ my user name & p/w. The user name is my e-mail addy. I go to log in it tells me I don't exist. Then somewhere I think I read you can either log in one area with your e-mail addy, one area with your user name, but I don't see any other area to login. Actually now I remember, I clicked on the "forgot" p/w link & it said you can't use your e-mail address as your user name to get the new p/w. That someone at the site level has to reset it for you. I don't want to reset it, I just want to log in. 2. I try to go to the forum & the link does NOT direct me to the forum. I can't even go back to try & get it for you guys b/c I'm here now in the forum & I don't want to venture away for fear of never getting back LOL How I got here I have no idea, I clicked on "e-mail" support & it brought me here. So, it sounds like someone needs to go back & review all the links b/c they aren't pointing where they should be. If someone can explain to me how to actually log into my acct. that would be great. Thank you Michelle
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