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  1. As a self-employed business owner I like to choose when my vacations occur.
  2. Though they are considered separate entities, CES serves at the pleasure of spamcop.net and may be relieved of those privileges. And yes, today the problem is with the reporting side and I am still getting intermittent "500" errors.
  3. This is a silly distinction that I refuse to acknowledge any more. It's like saying the Navy and Army have two different supreme commanders. Only one entity controls spamcop.net. If legitimate mail goes in to my Held Mail I'm not getting mail. Period.
  4. You can tell by the reporting server stats that the system has not been working more than it has been. It's been going on for three hours now, and in typical fashion not a word from TPTB.
  5. You are correct, I admit that I chose a provocative subject line. That said, the messages were "lost" until they were delivered. And with the system down again, who knows how many days it will take to "find" more? It may have been something in the pipeline that created a perfect storm for the most recent outage. Or, as was suggested in another thread, perhaps this was merely the continuation of one prolonged outage.
  6. CESmail claims no mail has been/will be lost, but the last two messages I received before the system went down again were sent Wed, 30 Apr ~12:21 -0700 and not delivered until 2 May ~19:07 -0700, nearly three days.
  7. Same here. Not surprisingly, no acknowledgement from CESmail.
  8. Agreed then. They can, and they should. But getting a straight answer out of SC's staff or management is as easy as getting CES Mail to tell their customers what they have done to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  9. With all due respect, you say "just because your e-mail domain mentions 'spamcop' does not mean that the SpamCop staff have any control over its behavior." I say that's not true. One entity controls the domain, not two. The entity that controls that domain - Spamcop, Cisco, whatever - has the ability to control anything that is done in that domain's name. They can ask for improvements from CES, hold them to a higher standard, kick them out for sullying the service's good name. But to say the owner of the domain "has no control" is just plain doublespeak.
  10. Complete and utter bullsh**. One and only one entity controls the domain. They have chosen to redirect subdomains to a provider that, at least at one time, they must vet. They could choose to review the integrity of the service as often as spamcop likes. If the service does not live up to the good name then they can ask them to shape up or ship out. It's either a partnership or it's not. If it's not, then it should be opened up to any Internet mail provider who wishes to deliver reliable service in "partnership" with spamcop.
  11. You don't actually expect answers for a service you pay for, do you?
  12. I just saw a couple complaints over in the latest sc outage thread say folks are not getting email messages sent through Listserv, Mailman and other "email forum" software. email_support addressed the issue for paid email users here. The problem is new draconian DMARC settings. Yahoo! was the first to set a "reject" status at the beginning of this month if the domain does not match the source by either DKIM or SPF. Google: Yahoo Breaks Every Mailing List In The World. AOL has now followed suit. I am especially upset with Comcast because they claim best practices but are not publishing their DMARC status. I feel it is not Comcast's business what mail I receive. What's next, blocking phone calls on their VOIP network? I don't know about Listserv, but Mailman has a solution, though it is not ideal as the "From" header now must be the domain the list comes from, not the actual sender, so all participants must identify themselves. The fix is to 1) make sure the domain under which your Mailman list operates has DKIM or SPF set up, and 2) you are using the latest version of Mailman (my hosting provider has 2.1, it looks like 2.16 and beyond address the "anonymous sender" issue).
  13. Unlike other recent outages, sc simply isn't POP'ing. For accounts it POPs, you can go to that account and read your mail. For accounts that forward, you're stuck until CES mail wakes up and whacks its server on the side. I for one am sick of the finger-pointing that SC does to say "it's not our problem." I have a spamcop.net email address, it is damn well their problem, and they are losing customers (and therefore, reliable people who feed the database) over it.
  14. Nine of the same exact emails as yesterday (no "Meet Russian Girls" or cure for herpes, among others), with different IP#s but the same block, sent at approximately the same time of day, all still hosted by blacklotus.net but the source today was netelligent.ca.
  15. Note the different IP#s. Always advertising sites with .us TLD, always with a hyphen: host.getyourlatest-scores.us; host.yournewest-healthinfo.us; host.stop-diabetesnow.us; host.yournewestshed-guide.us. Sites are all hosted by blacklotus.net. I know blacklotus.net is black hat, is colocrossing = black hat? ======= Submitted: Mon Apr 28 14:49:13 2014 -0700: Your new login info - 39: Single-Russian Girls-Online Now 6124104282 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 14:49:13 2014 -0700: Your-background scan is now available-online. 6124104263 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 13:45:22 2014 -0700: Re: Your $25-Amazon GiftCard is Ready... 6124084317 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 13:45:22 2014 -0700: Re: Your updated life-coverage policy 18943481 6124084318 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 13:45:21 2014 -0700: Learn to Build Any-WoodWorking Project! 4-28-2014 6124084319 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 13:45:21 2014 -0700: Re: Your Score-Report for 04-28-14 ... 6124084320 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 13:45:21 2014 -0700: Re: Your Reduced Auto-Policy-Payment #22641139 6124084321 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 13:45:20 2014 -0700: The Brand-New, Natural-Trick to Getting 20-20 Vision 6124084322 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 13:45:20 2014 -0700: RE: Your Energy-Bill has been-Reduced by 80% 6124084323 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 13:45:20 2014 -0700: Get An-Amazon $25-GiftCard: Fill Out our Quick Survey 6124084324 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 12:10:59 2014 -0700: RE: Your-score was just-changed. Read-new correspondence. 6124046472 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 11:49:20 2014 -0700: Learn-How to End ALL Herpes-Symptoms in Three Weeks 6124033218 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com Submitted: Mon Apr 28 11:49:20 2014 -0700: Article: Get Rid of Diabetes FOR GOOD - in Just 3-Weeks 6124033207 ( ) To: abuse[at]colocrossing.com
  16. RIPE lookups have not worked here since they added the "-B" flag IIRC. I know there were still newsgroups when it first became an issue. See this thread from nine years ago. Frankly I'm surprised sc still tries to whois the RIPE server since it has not been able to parse such results for many years. OTOH, is listed in bl.spamcop.net as well as cbl.abuseat.org.
  17. AHA! It was an Android device moving all these emails into a junk folder. DAMN YOU GOOGLE!
  18. Today I quit Thunderbird on my computer for more than an hour. Ten minutes later, all items that came from an AOL.com correspondent were moved to a folder called "junk." Thunderbird could not have done that because it was not active nor connected to my IMAP account. In fact, T'bird can't even see a folder named "junk" on my IMAP account, it is only listed at CES mail when logged in to Horde. Do the rest of you paid users see a folder called "junk" when submitting a search on webmail? Or am I the only one? This can also be checked when on webmail if it's one of the choices in a pull-down menu on the upper right. I have repeated the experiment above many times, with Thunderbird not even running here. It just moves all AOL correspondents into the "junk" folder within a few minutes—even one item that was reported and put in the trash by spamcop!
  19. I have emptied the cache in Thunderbird and since then new emails from AOL correspondents are still getting moved to the "junk" folder. So the "adaptive junk mail controls" are turned off in Thunderbird and the "junk" folder just doesn't show up in Thunderbird when I am logged in to the spamcop/CES server via IMAP so I have no way of deleting the folder. Anyone have any ideas?
  20. Here is the rub: the "junk" folder is not revealed in Thunderbird when I am looking at the folders under the spamcop inbox. It is ONLY listed in the "search" mechanism in webmail. I have sent an email to support asking how I can delete the "junk" folder since it's not shown in Thunderbird. As explained above, when I turned off the "adaptive junk mail controls" for Thunderbird I have not had anything move a message to a junk mail folder without my knowledge. That is, until I received a new message today. Today I went looking for an email that I saw that came in on Sunday, and only found it by searching in webmail and checking the folder "junk" as a place to look. Thunderbird has NOT moved 23 other AOL correspondent messages back to the "junk" folder since I turned it off last week, but it did move a new message into the "junk" folder upon receipt even though the adaptive junk mail controls are turned off.
  21. Most broadcast email providers went to providing a graphic link - not the actual graphic - long ago.
  22. Each account in t'bird has its own "Junk Folder" rules, and as far as I am able to determine, it's a "black box" with no ability to tweak those rules. It had somehow decided that anyone sending from AOL was junk, and that simply wasn't the case. So I turned off the Junk Folder for the account. Oddly, t'bird wouldn't show me the Junk Folder when I showed all the folders, but the spamcop webmail would when I did a search.
  23. Never mind, definitely a Thunderbird issue. Let this be a lesson: know your email client!
  24. Yes, I deleted all filtering rules in both T'bird and Horde and it's still doing it. And yes, I have written support.
  25. I just discovered that the reason I had "missing mail" was because it was all being put in a "Junk" folder which I could only see from the "Folders" selection on Horde, but the folder isn't listed in my IMAP folders when I connect with Thunderbird. The mail I was missing was ALL from AOL correspondents, and I have no filter rules that would do this (in fact, since I did not really know it existed, I have no filter rules that would move anything to a "Junk" folder; there are actually things in there that should have been reported). I do have some important correspondents that still use AOL, and it's even doing it to correspondents on lists where I am a member. It started this behavior on 11/26/13. You may wish to check your "Junk" folder via webmail, I would be interested to know if anyone else has anything in that folder that they didn't move there.
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