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  1. Wow.... The reason I posted this question was because i got lost in all the information (FAQ Link that say how to contact etc). So 17 odd replies later I'm still no better off. Yes I now understand that its a server issue (IP) not my email address. Thanks. So i need to email Vodafone (I used to work there so i can go via a back door to get an answer). What do i have to tell them (I'm not techy) - Admittedly the party line will be "we do everything we can to stop spam (corporate b*llocks). If i email a friend (in the Vodafone messaging team) he or she is going to want some details, I cant just say my mail gets blocked to some people because your server in sending spam. If someone has the information i need to send to Vodafone, i'll happily send it to VF and maybe they will do something (they maynot ). Thanks
  2. Please do what ever it is that you have to do unblock me. - These recipients of your message have been processed by the mail server: info[at]verbierrentals.com; Failed; 5.1.1 (bad destination mailbox address) Remote MTA verbierrentals.com: SMTP diagnostic: 550-Message rejected because mailer.vodafone.net (gps02-c08d7.vodafone.net)\r\n550-[]:1255 is blacklisted at rbl.davetha.com see Blocked - see\r\n550 http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo... This is a private email used by my to stay in contact with my family in the UK
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