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  1. Cheers Don Nice to see you still trucking with your commitment.
  2. Yes I do an i never hear anything in response - cyberspace ? Yo You guys running this service are the spinal column - us dudes using your service are the vertebrae. Together we form a body of resistance to greedy stupidity. Long may you run ! Keith You can use the send-to field, but personally when I submit spam reports I add spam at uce dot gov to the cc field. We can only sit and watch what happens. The revolution won't happen until we make it happen. K
  3. Thanks to all who worked to right the reporting problems and thanks to admin and Cisco for fuelling up all registered users. Rgds Keith
  4. Pleased to advise that for 48 hours now all spam reports have been processed with no delay whatsoever. Well done to those tasked with sorting this issue. Rgds Keith Harris ____________________________ SpamCop user since 1999
  5. Far from it - the occasional report seems to get through but it is 1 in 10 or more. I fear this might be the looming end of an important tool in the battle against spammers and unscrupulous ISPs. I have been using SpamCop since 1999 and will continue to do so providing it is restored to a working system. But it is interesting that I have seen a massive drop in spam to my own mailboxes over the past week ...
  6. K - thanks for that, as I had never seen this flash up on the address bar before these problems began and was wondering ...
  7. When loading reported spam for final completion, the Spamcop system appears to use an embedded iframe on the page as this (iframe.dll) momentarilly flashes into the address bar - the page then hangs, and produces an error Internet Explorer cannot display this page. I am surprised admin has not to date posted a meaningful reason for the problems affecting users.
  8. This appears to be an iframe.dll issue as far as I have been able to acsertain. Two weeks now and in that time have managed to follow through just 2 or 3 reports out of perhaps 30 or more.
  9. Happy 4 July SpamCop is still broken and giving page cannot be found errors when trying to report submitted spam. This does appear like a DDoS issue. Rgds Keith
  10. For the past week or more your service has become unuseable, wating my time in reporting spam issues as SpamCop seems unable to control its affairs in handling reported spam issues. Sorry folks, if this ain't fixed I won't be working with you any more, you are now wasting more of my time that the spam junk I have to deal with. newsmedianews.com Merged into this article from a separate new post called "service now unuseable" to SpamCop Forum "SpamCop Email System & Accounts" by Steve T
  11. Hi I have been regularly getting a reporting error - browser cannot connect to the webpage - when trying to complete a spam report. When logged in the spam shows as ready to report but the same connect error displays. This is not constant, but frequent enough now to be a nuisance. Rgds Keith
  12. Thanks for your response Nick. The lack of avenue of effective action against such service providers is something of a problem, I'm sure you'll agree.
  13. Is there any effective action that can be taken again a spam tolerant ISP network? Over the past few weeks the dozens of reports have been filed to abuse[at]rcs-rds.ro (Romania) which is hosting spamming websites. These websites seem to appear on a daily basis and the ISP appears to be doing nothing about it. Would be grateful to hear from anyone with information on possible courses of effective action against the ISP - including closing it down or prosecuting under EU anti-spam laws. Rgds Keith
  14. Thanks Farelf - yep, it was a wrongly setup mailhost for iomartmail - I have located and corrected this. Again, thanks to all. Rgds Keith
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