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  1. I have my server set up with SPF records on all domains with -all on them. I still get "undelivered" emails from people who are spoof my domain name in the sender address, but are obviously not authorized due to my SPF record. Is it considered spam to send an undelivered email back to a domain that obviously denies authorization for that IP address to be sending emails?
  2. Thanks. I checked the forums and found this post: http://forums.mosinu.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=41 It appears to work with TB 3.1, however you have to modify the maxVersion variable in the install.rdf file to allow it to install. I would upload it here, but it doesn't seem to allow that.
  3. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but does this still work in 3.1? If so, how do I install the diff file above? I'm on linux. I changed the version in install.rdf, but when I click on the shield icon it does absolutely nothing.
  4. Hi turetzsr, Sorry for the confusing question. I need to change the spamcop.net address that I report spam to or close my account. Since I sent reports to that before and the virus got my address book, the spammers are also sending emails to the same address and I am getting an auto reply back from Spamcop with the following text: "SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: Message forwarded in html wrapper." I tried what you mentioned above, but that only allows me to change the address that the reports are sent to, not the address to which I send my spam via email for parsing by SpamCop. Thanks, this is exactly what I need. I figured out how my address book got stolen and it was my own mistake but a virus from a remote computer picked it up. I definitely don't have any malware infection on my PC.
  5. Somehow a virus got ahold of my thunderbird address book and is now sending emails to all addresses there including the address I use for reporting to spamcop. Is there any way to change the address to something else? The reason I ask is because multiple times a day I get email errors coming from spamcop.
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