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    I've used Mailwasher Pro (free allows only one account, or used to) in conjunction with David Harris's marvelous (and entirely donation-supported) Pegasus Mail for many many years and wouldn't be without either. I don't like the versions past 6.5.4 though I've tried newer ones from time to time -- more clutter and for my use no more functionality -- so far. Your mileage may differ, though unfortunately Firetrust no longer offers the option to download older versions on their site -- you can probably find 6.5.4 somewhere, though, if you decide the current version is unpalatable. I hear my husband's Mac chiming mail deliveries incessantly. Using Mailwasher puts receiving mail as well as control of your mail back into your hands as well as saving infinite trouble uncluttering your mailboxes. Your mail will wait in Mailwasher and you can check it when you're ready to deal it. How it works: Set up your email address(es). Mailwasher will download headers and text (200 lines default, user adjustable), including clickable links, of all mail that isn't already filtered by your ISP's mail program, if any. You look the list over and click on the delete column for anything you don't want to download into your email program, then click on "Process Mail." Mailwasher deletes these from the server and (as I use it) opens your mail window so you can download the rest right away. A check in the "blacklist" column marks the mail for deletion and upon processing these will be deleted from the server. I blacklist stores where I shop and thus don't want shipping notices & invoices automatically deleted but also don't want my mailbox cluttered up with sales pitches. Easy to uncheck what I want. If an email from a known sender has a useful link and nothing else worth keeping, I can check out whatever it is right from Mailwasher and mark the email for deletion. The saving in time and aggro is immense. There's an option to set up reporting to SpamCop and a check in that column marks the mail for deletion from the server also. There's an option for almost anything you can possibly think of -- the program is incredibly configurable. I have used the "bounce" capability a few times -- it works on some retail stores (the kind that infest your mailbox with daily and oftener emails; I've never had a problem if I want to order from one again). Pointless on today's spam and much other nuisance mail. https://www.firetrust.com/products/mailwasher-pro http://www.pmail.com/ I hope this helps.
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    Google Strewing My Info About?

    It seems it's impossible to use You-Tube (intelligently, with subscriptions to valued channels) or my Android tablet without a Google sign-in. And Google has made it difficult to post a comment without a Google Plus account. A colleague of my husband's noted that the last reply he'd received (I handle much of the email addressed to my husband) was sent as if from a name associated ONLY with a Google account I created long ago so as to be able to access certain Google groups. I deep-sixed -- supposedly-- that account and the Google Plus account, which I also suspected of being the source of advertising emails from companies I have no record of having had anything to do with, and created a new one so I could keep track of my favorite You-Tube cooks and crochet experts. Thanks to Mailwasher I seldom need to worry about phishing or other "dangerous" emails getting to my computer (and thanks, thanks, thanks to Mailwasher for making one-click reporting to SpamCop possible!) but it's very annoying to have to delete ad emails from Mailwasher day after day. Does anyone else here have reason to think Google is making their email addresses available to companies in their Google Shopping members? I checked Google Shopping on a couple of queries and recognised some companies' names. I suspect there's no way to stop this if indeed it's Google that's strewing my information about, but if there is I'd be more than glad to hear about it! Molly from the Valley